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As I write this there are over 300 members at the Christian Authors Connection. This is the place to tell us about yourself, your book, your ministry, your goals, whatever you'd like. To make it EASY for our members to scan through the bios, put the TOP LINE of your introductions as what you most want people to know about you or your ministry NICHE.

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I am constantly writing and my main focus is on integrity issues in our society today. I believe I have a purpose here on earth.  The talents I have I owe to God.  I believe in individuals and organizations doing the right thing for their customers and employees.  The topics of my books are about decisions lacking integrity.  I have written over thirty five books and the topics in addition to integrity issues they are about highlighting the good things about our country and what makes it great.  I like to use utilize my talents given to me in not only informing readers about topics that are important but I also like to help other authors.  I do have a website which recognizes other authors that their writing is family friendly.  Anyone interested in getting exposure for their work send me a message on this site so we can connect and help each other . 

I am the author of three books of poetry.I write about the ordinary life, about its simplicity and beauty. How God touches the ordinary life on a daily basis. 

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