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Is there value in creating a book trailer? In promoting a novel months before it's released? I'm curious about this marketing tool which seems to be popping up everywhere. Working with a talented friend, I was able to create a wonderful video - a way to introduce my story, and have already experience over 20,000 views on YouTube. Wouldn't it be great if this translated into sales? I'm curious as to the results other authors have experienced by using this type of media.

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You're awesome, Smitty! Thank you for pointing out the importance of using this tool in conjunction to marketing. Totally agree with your comments and can't stress enough the importance of a good website. If a free offer to evaluate your website comes along, I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity. The feedback I received was greatly appreciated and helped me link, tag, and streamline my sites. :D
So if you produced a great book trailer, where besides YouTube have you chosen to marketing it? I'm always interested in discovering new outlets. :D
Here's an update...
For anyone who thinks book trailers don't work, check out the email I received today from an author in Connecticut. (Thanks, Mike. Enjoy the read!) :D

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Hi Kaylin, I loved the video and just ordered the book. I also posted it on Facebook with a note about 100% of the proceeds go to the Portland Providence cancer research!!

Have a great weekend and Valentines Day too,

Sorry for the shameless plug, but SmartSymbols for Books will track which advertising venue is working best (and which one is not working.)
Here is a quick analytics example.
Hmmm... Stas, I'll have to mill over this symbol suggestion for a while, but at least it's out there for anyone who's interested.

Now back to my questions at hand: Does anyone have a complete list of all the places book trailers can be posted for free? Other than YouTube, where have you seen the most views, interest, or responses? And, does anyone have a way to monitor their most effective marketing tool for book sales other than word of mouth? If so, what were your results and what has worked best for you?
Kaylin, you have a very attractive book trailer on Youtube. However, it didn't tell me much about your book. I watched the trailer, but I still don't know what your book is about. Movie trailers are masterfully produced. We should model book trailers after them by giving out enough details for the viewer to make a buying decision.

I love the opening to your book trailer. I think you should add a voice-over that reveals some of the story.

Arnold Howard
Thanks for your input, Arnold. I had a voice over done on my 4 minute version and received a number of complaints because it was distracting. I've been told that trailers are used simply to capture your interest but perhaps I'm wrong there...
We should imitate movie studios--they have produced trailers for decades. The typical movie trailer gives me enough information to decide whether to see the movie. Book trailers should do that too. It might be interesting to produce a two-minute video of readers discussing a book at a reading club.


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