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"TheCorner" (Does 80% of the work, earn 1,000% of the returns?)

Yes it's true, 20% of the work earns 80% of the results. The reason to always complete the 80% of work that only earns 20% of the results, is because of something called "TheCorner."

When you complete the work that others will not, by the end of it you'll be on a new graph that begins where the old one left off, ..and the additional benefits can be extraordinary!

Example: If the additional work you do allows you to become #1 in your niche market, that can mean the 80% of work returns 1,000% or more instead of only 20%.

The answer to me is ... do the work that gets you past "TheCorner." It's always worth it!

Notes: Every one of the web businesses I founded over the last 14 years has followed this graph. It's amazingly consistent.

Also, it's not to say you do this with every product or business you have. However, if you BELIEVE it can make it past "TheCorner," ..Go for it! You're probably right!

What do you think?..;o)

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