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Hi authors.... 

I recently started to add my books to Kindle, and following some of Kremer's stories, I cut the price of one to $.99  the book has been selling for few years now and I'm more interested to make an impact in people's lives. The first week, the book sold almost 1000 copies!  975 and needless to say I'm over the moon. 

Now I also put the book for lending with Kindle's new lending program. Last month, Amazon paid Kindle lenders $1.7 per book - I just got their email. AND this month they increased the fund to pay lenders from $500,000 to $700,000. 

I'm putting this here for many reasons. One is that I was surprised at the amount of copies sold. I haven't sold any printed copies which have the advantage of having space to fill out the exercises.

The other reason is that Kindle is making it very easy to incorporate books into it. I just uploaded one as a pdf and it worked!  just had to make sure I took out headings and empty pages. So some of you might want to try it.

And last I wanted to know if any of you had any ideas on promoting for kindle. I put it on my twitter and facebook but that has been all. 

Many thanks, Alicia

and of course I'll be happy to lend you the book too:

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Alicia . . . You'd be better off blogging about your request rather than creating a forum since the forums aren't featured on the front page - except for the top 5 forums.

Blog posts are featured on the front page at the top.

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