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Hello, I wonder if I might find some friends here who know anything about using an itunes radio podcast for book promotion.  I had an  excellent 45-minute radio interview with Rabbi Reuven Bulka, a well-known psychologist who is famous for having converted talk show host Lara Schlesinger to Judaism, on his Sunday Night program. He asked good questions and allowed me to talk with passion about my parent's epic love story and why I feel it's so worth telling.

It was a very interesting experience and I wrote it up a way which I hope will help and stimulate other authors to get radio interviews too. You will find it as one of the blogs on my page here, and also on this link to my website. Look for I Spent Sunday Night with the Rabbi

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Congratulations on getting that radio interview. I am new here but not new to itunes or marketing.  IF you are asking about how to get your content onto Itunes,  I have used  to load some talks to Itunes and it works very well.  Depending on the talk size, the free version should work for you.  you want to get the most mileage out of the cast, so I suggest that you put some key works onto your blog post that searched for regular and may be slightly more controversial.     A Rabbi, WAR and Laura S are all hotter topics than what you have key worded right now.   

Once you load you the podcast ( as long as you have rights to it) I suggest placing a perm spot on your blog so people can hear your voice, make a connection and be compelled to read some of your work.     We all know people buy from people that they like.  If they hear you speak more people can make a connection.   

there is more you can do,  but this would really be a great start.

Good luck,


Thanks, Patrick. Your ideas are practical and helpful. I already have the interview on an itunes podcast and will try figure out how to put a perm spot on it. Do you mean a link? Although the podcast is sitting on my desktop, it doesn't have a URL.

I  would load  the podcast in the right or left hand side of your blog.  it is easy to setup so the visitor can just click and it will play.  Give it a permanent spot at the top. With most blog posting software, you can keyword everything.  Keyword it with current topical ( yet accurate) words. 

I see it is on your blog  but it is way too deep in the  zillion word :) article you posted.  Make it short, sweet and tell the reader the benefits that they can get from reading your books. 

Does that make any sense?

Oh and I forgot.
  make a slide show with some photos, or get some stock photos and load the interview on Vimeo or  youtube.  hopefully you have an account running all ready.

Youtube is the second most used search engine on the web.  make it work for you.

Thank you, Patrick for the excellent marketing advice. It's a shame to have the interview lay wasting, like it is. I'll put it on my blog.

Do you have any recommendations about websites that do slide shows?

Here is a list of a few

IF you have photoshop   elements or lightroom you can make them there too.   I think Picassa has a version on the web. 

Very easy and very powerful if done right.

Just ask Justin Bieber  :)

Yeah, he did OK.

I was interviewed on A Cup of Coffe and a Good Book. I have no way to gauge what strategies are actually creating sales, but I have the link on my book page, my blog, etc. I think getting to know an author might push someone over an edge to actually buy a book. (Assuming the author sounds interesting)


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