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I'd like to start a new forum where people can talk about what's working for you right now in marketing your book.

I think this will help other authors to prioritize their activities if they can find out what's working for other people. This would be especially valuable to new authors.

I've share the hottest tool that I'm using right now. And that's Twitter. As you will note on the main page of this Book Marketing Network website, both my website and this network have been rising in Alexa ranks (and visits) because of my use of Twitter.

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I 100% agree.  I have delayed going to women's shelter because I wanted to be sure that I spoke as well as I wrote.  Now that I am comfortable with my "voice" this is what I am preparing to do. 

It is all a part of your platform, if you do not know who you are writing to you will not know who to speak to.

The hardest part of talking is losing the fright of it.  I don't worry about my talk until that day, then I put it in God's hands to give me the right words to help the patients that need hope.

I may stumble now and then when I talk about my daughter dying but that's honest emotion.  People relate to it.

Look at it this way, if someone knew what you were talking about, they'd be up there. People just want your honest experience in the subject.

I agree Alberta. People want reality more than a polished, professional speech. Tell them what they need to hear from your heart and you'll typically make an impact.
I would like some author success stories for my Book Marketing Makeover event in December. Please submit any success stories no matter how small to

You will get an invaluable link back to your website in return.

John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

John, thanks for the discussion.  I now have the twitter manual and it's on my 2-be-read list - ha!  Maybe next year!

Re: Linkedln - it seems so user-unfriendly that I have practically stopped using it. 

Feel free to follow me on Twitter @barbaraebel.  My website makes a nice introduction.

Have a good evening.

Hi John, my own traffic and Alexa ranking has jumped as well with Twitter, so I began spending a lot of time on Twitter, to the detriment of other things, until I discovered I could automate a large number of operations, such as looking for new followers and sending "Thank you for folllowing" Dms by using TweetAdder. As opposed to most automation services out there, they offer a complete set of services and the beauty of it is that it is a one time payment. (tip, 20% off with coupon PAT20)


I now save 2-3 hours a day and traffic is still growing :-)

I will let you know - I'm having an "Author and Artist" open house next weekend.  Lots of desserts etc and books to sell.  But, as usual, the cost of doing it may eat up any profit from books that may sell.  That seems to be the usual problem - there is such little return on books that marketing, advertising, and other costs just eat it up.  :(

You shouldn't have to spend a lot on marketing your book. The basic needs are a good website with a blog (which can be done for about $15 per month), a phone (to make follow-up phone calls), some stamps (for pitch letters), an email account with gmail (no cost), and a car and gas (for driving to speeches, mailing books, etc.).

The biggest cost might be your phone bill - unless you have unlimited long distance.

John Kremer

What traps me is not selling the books fast enough and money isn't coming in to invest in important events.  What I do need is a good education on blogs and facebook.  I have them but don't know the first thing about running them.

I remember John Kremer telling me to concentrate on just my books with my website and blog.  I was posting articles on my blog with substance abuse (my books are on the disease after losing a husband and daughter to it) and posting articles on publishers and agents on my website.  I was receiving over 200-300 hits in 7 days.  My blog was way up there.  I saw no sales with my books.

Now, I have -0- hits on my website for over 2 months because I stopped posting articles from Google.  I've even posted excerpts weekly and nothing.

Does that mean I have to go back to posting Google alerts to get noticed and push my books aside??




Alberta, How did you post articles from Google? Could you explain Google alerts? I use Google and I have a blog, but I've never connected the two. Please let us know your experience. Thanks.

Hi Jeanette,

I went on Google's page and looked up alerts. I keyed in alcohol abuse and I get alerts when a new article anywhere is written about it.  You can set how often you want to receive them. Below is where I signed in. Let me know if you have a problem.

Create another Google Alert:

Here what I reply back to:

Hi John,

For writers with their books on Amazon then their widgets are for you. I now use this type of link for both my e-books and paperbacks. It works well, and shows off all your books both listing as ebooks and paperback. They can be updated via your Amazon  sellers account.

You can also join up with other writers and place both your books and that of fellow writers together, without a potential reader wading through thousands of books. If anyone wants me to add their book to my listing just send me a mail with the book ISBN, or name, you can list around six hundred books. I get about two hundred hits per week to this link, held on one of my websites, acording to  Google analyitics.

Check out the link.

Amazon eBook's


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