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When did you decide to write your first book?

I asked this question because seven years ago today I walked into Starbucks with my laptop and started writing my first book. 2,427 days later, Tangled Up in Tunes was born. Along the way I finished my Liberal Arts Degree and earned an MFA in Creative Writing at The New school. Book # 2 is on the way. I'll have it out by Xmas.

Tangled Up in Tunes: Ballad of a Dylanhead

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I decided to write my new series, which also happens to be my first "book", a few years ago when others began telling me that my story of healing and restoration would resonate not just with them, but with others as well.  It started out as a book, but the intense nature of the chapters caused reviewers to tell me it would be better broken up.  My book turned into a small 6 volume set and should be ready for purchase this Fall from and Amazon.  Volume One became available this month as a test run to be sure I understood what I had to do.

Congrats on the MFA.  I hope your book is non-fiction (Dylanhead to me either implies you're a Bob Dylan fan--I am too--or you're a Dylan Thomas fan--I am too).  If it's fiction, I'll express a worry I often have: have you lived long enough to write good fiction?  In other words, have you the experiences?  Most MFAs don't worry about that, which is why you see so many MFA graduates go into agenting, for example--they can guide more experienced writers to publishers OK but don't have enough to write about themselves.  Just sayin'....

At any rate, I wrote my first novel at 13.  It was terrible (although the plot was similar to City of Angels) and no reader besides me had to suffer through it.  Now I have ten books (soon to be eleven) and I'm proud of every one of them...because each one tells a story I think will entertain the reader (Irish blarney pushes modesty aside?).

Good luck on your writing!


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