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 Hi all, I'd like to hear from any and all and what their experience was like, as I'm thinking of buying a package. Were you happy with it? Did you notice an increase in sales? Anything would be helpful. I'm surprised there isn't any testimonys, or comments regarding their services. Anyway thanks ahead of time for sharing.

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You'd probably be better off during your own promotion for free. Most publicity packages seem to consist of things an author can do themselves. I'd spend my money wisely when it comes to promotion and put it in places where you know it will work out for you. You also need to look at how popular a place is that you intend on buying packages from. What authors have they worked with? Have you spoken to any of their authors? Do you see books they've worked with on a lot of sites, more visible than you could do yourself? These are questions you should ask.

Do I recommend buying publicity packages, no. There is no guarantee with anything but believe me, unless you pay for a great publicist (which costs thousands of dollars), you can promote your book just as effectively yourself. Check out John Kremer's site as well as other sites that give you FREE tips about promotion. Also, there are books you can buy that will help you with promoting your book.

The only thing that can get your book exposure is hard work and luck. Think of it like this, no matter who you pay, it doesn't guarantee your book is gonna be more exposed than anything else. It doesn't mean your book's gonna be in magazines, television, ads, anywhere. It definitely DOES NOT guarantee sales. You're paying for something that has no guarantee. It's best to do it yourself, build up your own contacts and whatever you put into your promotion is gonna be far more than anyone else puts into it.

If you are with a publisher, get with them on what they will do to promote. If you've self-published, find unique ways to do it on your own. The best promotion is word of mouth and that's free.

But if you insist on doing this, track down some authors who have worked with these people and ask them what their experiences were. I believe Apex reviewed my last book but I didn't have to pay for it or buy a package. I'd go for the free review but I think you should try other things without buying a package. I do free promotion and that's worked best for me. I know a lot of authors who have paid for different things and in the end, they didn't see much (if anything) from the paid efforts. Most of the rewards came from things they did themselves for free.

Best Wishes!
Thanks Stacy for the advice.
You're welcome, Martin! I've known too many authors who spent tons of money on promotion and in the end all of them were unsatisfied. And if they did see results, they couldn't tell if it were from what they did anyway or something they paid for. This is the age of the Internet so the options of FREE promotion are endless and more and more options open up everyday.

Good luck to you!
I have just purchased the Platinum Package and have posted my book via UK. You may wish to decide sooner but I can let you have my feelings once everything is done. email me perhaps at the beginning of June when I will have more info. Regards Mark Wetherby.
Hi Mark:

Five months later...How did everything go?
Hello. I have not forgotten to reply as I am still awaiting my review which is expected around this time. Will keep in touch. Mark.
Thanks Mark! please let me know how it went, I'd still be interested in how it worked out for you. I did sign up for the diamond package, as they had a sale for half price on it. So I derided to take the risk. I haven't heard back form them yet as well, except to tell me to send the book. I'm looking forward to seeing how my package is going as well.
Have now received an excellent review and it is also posted as a press release. The Video Trailer is expected in a couple of weeks. I am not sure what result there will be, but I paid only $39 and that has got to be a bargain. There are so many expensive packages out there. My own publisher wants hundreds to promote my book further and my original publishing package was a four figure amount.
Wow I assume you have contacted them haven't you about this? Thats seems way to long for them to go without contacting you. I'm a little confused, you said you had 4 star rating, but that didn't come with a review?
Chase them Jerry? I did so several times. To date I have a brief but excellent five star review from Rhonda Carver and a promise of the video trail in the next three weeks. I hope it helps my sales figures as time goes on.
Hi Jerry,

Sorry for your experience, but what you've said is the main reason I advised Martin against the package in the first place. What happens to you in these circumstances is unfortunately a norm. That's why these packages are mostly a bust.

Best Wishes!
Well perhaps? but like all books and all critics, some will like it and some will not. I believe as writers we must accept all genuine judgements. Have faith in your book and your reviews and may you be blessed with excellent book sales.


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