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 Hi all, I'd like to hear from any and all and what their experience was like, as I'm thinking of buying a package. Were you happy with it? Did you notice an increase in sales? Anything would be helpful. I'm surprised there isn't any testimonys, or comments regarding their services. Anyway thanks ahead of time for sharing.

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On reflection my book may not be the greatest thing since sliced bread but I do believe I am a good story teller. One of my friends on this site did not appear to rate it but I am sure others will. The shame of it is that it does not appear to be selling and I was for a while quite pleased how the second book in the trilogy was going, much more complex and interesting - Unfortunately I have completely lost interest in it as there will be no way to publish it?

I see you decided to go on with Apex. Well, I hope it works out for you but what Jerry says isn't at all surprising to me with stuff like this. If you look at it, these people do nothing you can't do yourself and you'd get results faster. Unless you are with a big time publicist or someone with some pull, you might as well do it on your own. Anyone can give you a book review, but is this review somewhere where it'll be seen by a lot of people? Even if it is, there is no guarantee it will result in sales. You can get your book reviewed, yourself for free and post it on Facebook, Ning, Shelfari, Myspace and anywhere else online yourself. You don't have to pay for a package believe me.

I hope you do have a positive experience, but if it turns out to not be what you hope, I can't say I'll be surprised. Anyway, all I can do is give advice, it's up to the person to take it. I just try to save writers a lot of trouble since I do know what I'm speaking of.

I'll tell you though, you can get tons of exposure for free and you don't have to worry about people pushing you aside. Once someone has gotten your money, there is no investment they need to make in you. That's the point I wanted to make before when I gave you advice. Once they get the money, they don't care.

That's why promotional packages are a big waste of time and money. If you can't afford a good publicist that's gonna actually get some results (and even that's not a guarantee but at least they have contacts), then doing it yourself is best.

Word of mouth is still the best form of getting someone to buy a book. You don't have to pay for that.

Best Wishes!
Better late than never this reply. Thanks for your comments. Many more independent bookshops in the US and UK are aware of my book. I have taken the liberty of emailing them and sending my reviews. Still the problem still remains that if ones work is not displayed by the bookshop then it will be difficult to sell. Mark.
I agree with you, and I actually didn't go with them. My friend did. She decided what the heck, and as a surprise bought the package for me. It was nice of her, and even tho I haven't seen anything from them, and it's now been three weeks, it's the gift she got me and I'm happy she cared enough to buy it.

Theres actually a good 20 -30 authors that will be hearing how they do, so in a sense there going to get a review of themselves as well. They do well they could get more sales, they fail and, I hope they enjoy that $50 cause thats all they are getting.
Sorry but although there is no definite response for me as yet I can now can confirm that the review for my book The Tales of Mossy Dell, was excellent. I have also just seen a draft of my video trailer and it is "Smashing." I really do think that I have received value for money from Apex in Durham, God Bless Them. And compared with the cost of book production, the $39 is more than acceptable. Mark.
Thats awesome Mark. I finally got my review. They said I should be getting my trailer sometime this week. Hoping it will be as I paid for this back at the beginning of May.
Is that one on each hill Jerry ? I am still pushing them to place the completed Video Trailer on Site and trust they will soon. When they email you to offer yet another package, email them back and say "Don`t forget my Video Trailer" it should work.
But then your already on kindle boards aren't you?
If this is a Kindle board yes, otherwise what is a kindle board? I will give the Apex Review every chance .
I don't agree with some of the negative responses I see posted here, but then everyone will have a different experience. For me, the Apex package was perhaps the best promotional money I have spent to date. I bought the diamond package, but waited for one of their 'specials' so it only cost $59. The review was very professional and was posted on both Amazon and B & N and I was able to use it myself and upload it to countless other sites. The video trailer was also excellent, in my view, and again, they post it for you on various places and then you can also use it yourself as you see fit. I am very happy with their services and will probably use them again.
That's too bad Jerry. I guess it goes to show that everyone is going to have different opinions. My reviewers name was Josee and she was so eloquent - she definitely had to have read the book - it was not just a remix of the cover blurb, that's for sure. Maybe you should get the name of the reviewer and complain? (Not that it would probably do much good now ...)
Well I got a pretty good review. It was only 4 stars, but thats OK. Reviews are only opinions, and everyones is different. I got my press release, and I just got the draft to my video.

The only complaint I have so far, is how long it took. I had to write them on multiple occasions when they went past dead lines they set themselves. In the end tho, there doing everything they said they would, just not as fast as I thought they said it would take.

Also, you have to keep on them if for some reason you get lost in the shuffle as I did. I may use them again, I'm not to sure at the moment. I'll decided after I see the above the fold and interview get done.


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