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A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Why is that? Because the ability to quickly visualize the details in a graphic way is a much more efficient way to process what’s being communicated. Today’s writer takes lots of time to write, edit and find the right publishing solution to get their book out there. The smart writer wants to ensure they have all the tools necessary to ensure book sales success.

Everyday, thousands of books are publisherd, the lucky ones make the bookstore shelves. The advantage of customized book products is that you have a customized product that speaks visually to your dream. It shows not once, twice, three times, but continously. Everytime that customer goes to the grocer store with your book cover on that bag, or write with your book covered pen, they’ll think, remember and tell their friends about you.

Being a new writer, it is your responsibility to market your book. Marketing is about growing a fan base and keeping that fan base. You keep that fan base by staying rememberd. Yes, they’ll buy your book, but that book will go on the shelves, and until your next book comes out you may not be remembered. You can ensure you are remembered and stay remembered by giving your customers products that they will remember you by. These customized products include products with your book logo on it as well as products they use on a regular basis such as: pens, pencils, totebags, etc. If they have children-crayons, pencils, pens, notebook.

There are hundreds of authors out there, but thousands more customers. Give those customers somethin to remember you buy in addition to your book. Doing nothing makes you look like every other author, but it doesn’t separate you from the others, and being a new writer trying to get your name out requires you to stand out from the crowd.

Find out how to submit your book cover with the leading and #1 Customized Author Customizing Store and get the products that not only get you remembered, but keep you remembered by visiting:

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