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Awaken Your Inner Power!

Currently I’m putting together a marketing campaign for this summer’s launch of Awaken Your Inner Power!.

My goal is to launch the book up high enough in the Amazon rankings that it will benefit from some of the advanced marketing that higher selling books get at Amazon. One way to accomplish this is to encourage
as many people as possible to buy the book on Amazon in a certain time

I plan to make this a quarterly campaign with sales dates of:

Tuesday July 27th, Wednesday October 20th and Wednesday December 8th of 2010.

Readers who buy the book at Amazon on those dates and send me their email receipt will receive a digital download of meditation and personal development products far more valuable than the $16.95 book.

If you are an author, artist, musician or other Self Empowerment oriented businessperson with a digital product that you’d like to include in this promotion then please fill out the form below. If
accepted then your products will be send out to all the readers who help
launch Awaken Your Inner Power!

The form is at

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