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Robert Morgen's Advanced Meditation Exercises provides exercises and guided meditations for the high intermediate to expert meditator. Using this CD will allow you to develop stronger abilities in concentration, visualization, moving, feeling and seeing energy and much more.

The CD includes:
1. Introduction to the Advanced Exercises 1:17
2. Feeling and Seeing Energy 10:06
3. Drawing Energy 9:35
4. Skin Breathing 5:55
5. The Microcosmic Orbit 10:50
6. Damo's Cave 37:12

Total Running Time 74:40

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I was wrong about having to buy the book from Amazon to review it there, so I will post a review after I listen to this MP3. Thanks, Julia

Hi. m the e-junkie link is not working.  How can I download tis?  Thanks 


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