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I am excited to announce the Kindle promotion week for my book, The One Hundred!

From 04/26/13 to 04/30/13, The One Hundred will be available as a free download on all Kindle and Kindle-enabled devices. If you like to read a compelling literary fiction, you will enjoy every page of this novel!

The One Hundred, based on a true story, is a heartbreaking tale of a chance encounter between three runaway children, their resolve to survive on their own, and the communal bond they create to fight a common enemy.  The One Hundred tells a profound story of friendship, family, and love against the background of a true event that has not been told in fiction before.

See what some of the reviewers are saying about The One Hundred:

"[This] is a promising novel with compelling characters stories. The author excels at depicting the daily hardship of life in Pakistan."
—Publishers Weekly

“Any novel that can teach me something is one that I fall for. Ahmad’s ability to so thoroughly describe the lives of the characters in The One Hundred makes for an incredible reading experience.”
—Windy City Reviews

“This story is a page turner, but more as well. Zia Ahmad as a storyteller shows that kind of holy mercilessness that won't let us trust love until we see what the world looks like when we deny it.”
— Donald Schell, All Saints Company, San Francisco CA

I hope you will select The One Hundred, refer it to your family and friends, and take advantage of the Kindle Free Download promotion week. Please follow the link below to download The One Hundred to your Kindle and enjoy a gripping story!

The One Hundred                                                                                                            

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