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For a limited time, The One Hundred, a fiction based on a true story is available for only $0.99. Take adavantage of this incredible offer and enjoy an incredible tale of courage, love, and hope. See what some of the reviewers are saying about The One Hundred:

"[This] is a promising novel with compelling characters stories. The author excels at depicting the daily hardship of life in Pakistan."
—Publishers Weekly

“Any novel that can teach me something is one that I fall for. Ahmad’s ability to so thoroughly describe the lives of the characters in The One Hundred makes for an incredible reading experience.”
—Windy City Reviews

“This story is a page turner, but more as well. Zia Ahmad as a storyteller shows that kind of holy mercilessness that won't let us trust love until we see what the world looks like when we deny it.”
— Donald Schell, All Saints Company, San Francisco CA



The One Hundred

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