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By Jim Davidson

Mystik Africa Publications

© Copyright 2012

ISBN: 978-0-9814170-1-1

Pages: 280


This book on ancient Africa relates the country's long history of civilizations stretching back over thousands of years.


The Atlanteans – a race of giants who according to legend were as technologically advanced as we are today - were once scattered in many places, including South Africa where they were drawn by stories of rich mining operations in iron, gold, silver, diamonds and other precious gems.


This history the author says, has been “hidden behind a veil of secrecy, misunderstanding and blatant contradictions ordained by a race of people within our midst that we refer to – ‘The Learned Ones.’”


Even before the Atlanteans there were the Lemurians, depictions of whom are displayed on many cave walls as ‘Birdmen’ – half animal, half human. When the human Atlanteans arose, some stayed in South Africa, interbred with the Lemurians and used many as slave labor in mining operations. Others moved to mainland Atlantis.


“The last remnants of the old Lemurian civilization finally went extinct during the reign of the Ancient Egyptians who revered them as Gods from a previous civilization.”


This book covers countless years of South Africa’s history – far too much to be included here. There are also hundreds of photos taken by the author of everything from cave drawings and paintings of human and non-human figures, huge standing stones, balancing rocks, circular buildings, great walls of stone bricks, remnants of a fortress (the Great Ruins of Zimbabwe), and out-of-place objects such as a huge jaw bones that must have belonged to someone three meters tall.


Most interesting and mysterious of all is the final chapter entitled Teachers from the Stars. In this chapter, the author notes the Drakensberg Mountain range where many Bushman paintings can be found. In the Game Pass Shelter there is a painting depicting not only humans and animals but also strange, cloaked figures with bulbous heads and what appears to be an antennae on top that move by floating just above the ground.


Now this could easily be dismissed as a figment of someone’s imagination. However, strikingly similar beings were seen on September 12, 1952 at Flatwoods, West Virginia. The beings were described as “between 10 and 15 feet tall and had a blood red face and glowing, greenish-orange eyes.” They also wore black cloaks, had bulbous heads, claws for hands and floated above the ground.


Another painting in the Chamavara Caves depicts a giant man, whom the author refers to as “a teacher from the stars.” There are many depictions of UFOs as well, which the ancient Africans called Shems. The author writes of the Anunnaki, first noted by Zecharia Sitchin as being from a planet called Nibiru. These aliens sought gold from the mines of Africa, which they needed to disperse in the air above their planet in order to survive.


Davidson writes: “The mere mention of ‘unidentified flying objects’ sounds a death knell to most ‘academics and learned ones,’ sending them scuttling uncontrollably for the safe havens of hallowed institutions and resolute theories of evolution.”


He certainly tells it like it is and with a dose of humor at that!


It is obvious that Davidson has traveled far and wide in South Africa, and conducted much research for the writing of his book. It does take some time to read, as one needs to digest each part in the extremely long history of this region. Once you reach the end, however, you will realize that it is still shrouded in countless great mysteries, many of which we might never know the truth.


To pick up your copy of Mysteries & Civilisations of Ancient Afrika, go HERE.

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