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By Richard Harrison

© Copyright March 2014
Published by BookBaby

Pages: 222

In LIM-R-IDDLES REVISITED, Richard Harrison offers readers an opportunity to solve entertaining limericks in riddles that provide hours of fun and stretch the mind at the same time.


In his opening Dedication, Harrison notes that he stems from “a generation that revered words – their power and their meaning.” It was a time when dictionaries became well-worn tools with teachers often saying, “Go look it up!” This is vastly in contrast to today where people around the world write “140-character Tweets” that contain “no grammar, punctuation or capitals.”


Being a student of old-school learning, Harrison learned to use words to their fullest, which has led him to creating word games such as those found in LIM-R-IDDLES. From humorous quips about marriage and children to the arts, animals, crime, pet peeves, imbibing, health, sports and more, his collection of 157 limericks will leave even the most intelligent folks scratching their heads as they attempt to solve the mixed up words that form them.


Add to this most amusing drawings that accompany each puzzle and LIM-R-IDDLES offers countless hours of enjoyment. Unlike crosswords, word finds and other such games, this one will keep you guessing with every page.


They say that as one gets older, it is more important than ever to keep one’s mind active to stave off the ills of old age. By the time you reach the end of this book, you will know that your mind has certainly had a good workout without you even realizing it. Also at the end, Harrison invites his readers to try their own hand at creating LIM-R-IDDLES, suggesting that if chosen, they just might appear in an upcoming issue.


So settle into your easy chair, put your thinking cap on and pick up a copy of this most entertaining and challenging work for just $2.99 by going HERE.


Also Available at Barnes & Noble HERE.


For more information on LIM-R-IDDLES REVISITED, go HERE.


For those who might wonder why this is a ‘revisited’ edition, Harrison and Albert Adler Harrison created an earlier version called Fun with Lim-R-Iddles published in 1968 so be sure to check that one out as well by going HERE.


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