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Do you provide book cover design? Book marketing services? Do you design book trailers? We understand that you want to reach people so we've created this discussion tab where you can post your services. In return, we ask that you refrain from posting them in our regular forum or soliciting our members. If you have any questions, let me know.

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Just visited your blog and enjoyed it very much ....
Home sweet home...

Reaching people is our business. We can place you on a minimum of 100 separate sites. Sites with great content, that have been online for years, that have both a national and international following and that tap into the Christian Marketplace. And yes we do create book covers, book trailers, author websites, author blogs and we offer other great services for authors.

Check us out at Christian Book Marketing. Be sure to read our author testimonials page and view our authors / client list.
Web Sites For The Christian Author

Professional design, creation and launch.
Expanded online website promotions & marketing.
Major search engine placement.
Build and expand your network ability.
Unique and repeat visitors.
Target and captivate your market.
Drive traffic to your website.
Improve your professional image as a author.
Provide a great online visitor experience.
Home Pages
Authors Pages
Book Pages
Order Pages
Book Review Pages
Photo Pages
Video Pages
Press Release Pages
Testimonial Pages and more ....

“From Single Page to 15 Page Web sites”

Christian Book Marketing

Dear Authors,

~~~ First, we welcome our two newest authors to CBM, Author Chris Tatevosian who authored Life Interrupted It's Not All About Me, and also Author Elaine Cooper author of The Road To Deer Run. Both authors took us up on the offer to have a independent authors page at CBM and we are happy to have you aboard.

~~~ We also welcome Author Judy LeBlanc author of Theology 101 In Bite Size Pieces who has chosen to market her new book with us using a variety of our services. It is a pleasure to work with you Judy.

~~~ Between now and December 31st, we are offering single author pages at CBM for $39.95 per year. Come January 1st we will either dramatically increase the price for a authors page or may only occasionally offer them to authors that use our promotional and book marketing packages.

Here's What Having Your Own Authors Page At CBM Includes:

~~~ Having your own authors page at Christian Book Marketing provides you with additional book marketing and exposes you as a author and your Christian book title to the masses.

~~~ CBM Christian Book Marketing can be found on hundreds of Christian sites, author book related sites, additional sites, plus the major search engines. We hold excellent page positioning on major search engines under various title and word searches and CBM Christian Book Marketing has participated in the marketing of titles that have hit the best sellers list. Plus we have a very intense marketing program for 2011 that will further expand our territory and reach.

This is for a full page and includes the following:

~~~ We provide book cover resizing and uploading, web page designing, editing, web page maintaining, social community buttons, and marketing with regards to your page at Christian Book Marketing.

1. You must be a published, soon to be published, POD or self published author. (we except new book releases in advance)

2. You must provide us with a .jpg of your book cover, a description of your book and the link to which site you want your page associated to.

3. You must provide us with your full name, book title and any other information that we request pertaining to your authors page. Our desire is to provide you with a professional authors page, our readers with a great online experience, all while taking into consideration the site layout, SEO and overall appearance for you, our clients and viewing readership.

4. There will be a link on our home page with your name as author that leads to your authors page at Christian Book Marketing and an additional link from your authors page to a page or site of your choice.

5. Payment is required in advance and we only accept payment via PayPal.

~~~ The fee until December 31st, is a whopping $39.00 per year. After the 1st of the year the prices will increase and this service may only be available to authors that have used our promotional and book marketing packages.

~~~ Interested authors may e-mail us the above required information for review, if approved ( many will be) we will respond with a e-mail and money request through PayPal.

~~~ "You may also provide us with a link to information that we can retrieve to create your authors page, if that is easier for you.

Many blessings.
CBM Christian Book Marketing
CBM's Information Page
Author Book Promo Twitter

I design various marketing products for authors, including: bookmarks, business cards, postcards, flyers, posters, and press releases. Visit my design site at


I am the owner of The Wordsmith Journal - an online magazine where authors and readers connect. Authors we have great advertising rates!

Readers, find new authors and old favorites here.

DGT Book Promotions LLC is now booking blog tours to start in late June and early July exclusively in the Christian genre and all subgenres of Christian Fiction.

We are so excited to spread the word about Christian fiction literature. The first author who has a book ready now to begin scheduling their tour in late June/July that is willing to take a leap of faith and sign up with us will get a One Week Blitz Tour FREE! We will announce the winner here and on our website. All other authors who submit a request for a tour between 4/30/2013 -5/10/2013 will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE One Week Book Blitz Tour. (If you order a tour that is longer than the One Week Blitz then the value of the prize will be deducted from your order) (Total value $89)

Take a leap of faith and sign up with DGT Book Promotions Today!

Now Accepting Author Tour Requests!
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This month's newsletter Announces the e-Course based on my tiny ebook "Practical Thoughts on Becoming an Author" This is a 19-day course that arrives via your inbox once per day. Most of the sessions are short, with a daily task to be completed at the end of each session. The cost of the course is only $15. The purchase/sign-up link for this course is: The little giftbox icon beside your name box after clicking “I want this”, lets you purchase for a friend as well. Check out the newsletter to learn more.

Songdove Books Newsletter - 2014 BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

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Did you know that video content gets more views and engagement on social media than any other type of content? This short promo video is great for increasing visibility on social media and perfect for promoting book blog tours and KDP Free Days.

The Social Media Book Promo Trailer package includes the production of a 15 second promotional trailer and sharing the video with the following:

1400 Facebook fans
14,000 Twitter followers
50,000 readers in Facebook groups

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Nothing in this life goes on forever. Everything comes to an end sooner or later. This applies to life itself; it comes to an end whether we want it to or not. Before life ends, there are things many people would like to have accomplished. Do you have any wishes? How far or how close are you from fulfilling them? Time could be running out you know. 
With that in mind, there is also time involved when it comes to the decision as to where one desires to spend eternity. Desire alone is not enough. So for example if you desire to spend eternity in heaven you have to know what to do to achieve that, and then do it. You have limited time in which to make that decision. Time is running out because this decision has to be made in your lifetime, and with every passing day, you have less time to live. Since you have no idea how much longer you are going to live, it is safe to assume, it could be any day now. If you die today, where will you spend eternity? Eternity offers two distinct locations: Heaven or hell. Decide today, because time is running out!
The rest of the book is going to explain this truth further, basing everything on the Bible, which is the Word of God. Please read it with an open mind, and allow God’s Holy Spirit to speak to your heart, before it is too late. Time Is Running Out at Amazon.


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