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Do you have a book review and you are wondering where to post it? How can you share it with others? Please list any places you have found where you can post book reviews!

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The New Book Review is a simple but great concept by Carolyn Howard-Johnson, author of the multi award-winning How To Do It Frugally series of books for writers. Carolyn shares the following:

"It is a free service offered to those who want to encourage the reading of books they love. That includes authors who want to share their favorite reviews, reviewers who'd like to see their reviews get more exposure, and readers who want to shout out praise of books they've loved.

This review spot is NEW because it embodies the new idea that a book should not be judged by its cover or its press. If a reviewer thinks a book is great, The New Book Review lets readers know about it. Please submit your own favorite review. It makes no difference whether you're an author, reviewer or reader, I want to post your favorite reviews. See guidelines for submission on the left of this blog. And please note: It was named to Online Universities' 101 Best Blogs for Readers.

Review – Powers and Principalities by Dan Calabrese

WARNING: This novel could change your perception of the spirit realm!
Powers and Principalities is a powerful story about the unseen spiritual forces that exist everywhere around us and how these forces are bent on human destruction – both personal and global. Author Dan Calabrese weaves a tale that is simultaneously fantastical and imaginative while at the same time realistic in its gritty portrayal of the characters. It centers around three friends – a somewhat eclectic and unlikely trio – who come face to face with these dark forces of evil when one of their number is ‘gifted’ with the ability to see into the spirit realm. Once he sees the forces at work, an even more insidious plot is uncovered and it is up to the threesome to save the city from mayhem and destruction. Not since Frank Peretti’s groundbreaking novel This Present Darkness was released 25 years ago, has a novel about spiritual warfare had this kind of potential to impact people’s thinking on the topic. Powers and Principalities jumps in with both feet and comes out swinging.

Having said that, as a work of ‘Christian’ Fiction this novel is sure to raise a few eyebrows, or, as is more likely the case, garner some strong criticism from mainstream church-dom. As ‘Edgy Christian’ fiction, it is way beyond edgy. Perhaps the initial warning could have read: ‘Explicit language and graphic sexual descriptions’. However, since author Dan Calabrese has done this himself quite openly in the preface to the novel, there is no need. Mr. Calabrese clearly explains to the reader what is coming, and why he chose to write in this style – a style that many Christians will undoubtedly question and certainly that many more will find offensive. Reader, consider yourself warned! This is not a novel for the squeamish, sheltered, or faint of heart. Mr. Calabrese has deliberately chosen to write in a realistic style that doesn’t pull any punches. Demons aren’t pretty, and their activities aren’t either.

For those who choose to read past the third page, you will find that this authenticity only adds to the sense of urgency that the author is trying to portray. It also adds credibility to his characterization, not only of the humans, but of the demons controlling them. Social issues are presented in all their raw intensity without any sugar coating whatsoever. This is a current and relevant story for the modern reader who is not afraid of the truth – ugly or not. Ultimately, this is also a novel about redemption. There is no mistaking the evangelistic message, but the characters are portrayed as real people with flaws – even after conversion – which is both refreshing and believable. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting an intriguing yet thought provoking read. Read with an open mind, this novel could have great impact as an evangelistic tool as well as serve to enlighten the minds of believers. Bravo to Mr. Calabrese for such a gutsy and timely treatment of spiritual warfare.
There are many sites that you can post a book review at. I would recommend the following for starters:

1) Create a authors blog and network your blog with other great networks and communities. Then post your book review. The blog feeds will pick it up and launch it into other networks and communities. Consider adding Blog Catalog, Ligit, Technorati, and some other networks to your blog just for starters. Create a net-work.

2) Consider a page at Ning, ShoutLife, LwC, Published Authors, The Authors Club, Authors Den, GoodReads, Faith Writers .

3) Consider having your review posted on 100 of our sites with a link back to your authors site or blog. This is a great way to share your book review while also expanding your marketing and online presence.

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Christian Book Reviews
I posted two new reviews today from fellow christian authors Michelle Sutton and Shawna Williams. They are in the blog section of this site. 'In All Things' by Shawna Williams, and 'Tombstone Treasures' by Michelle Sutton

~ Become a blog author at The Authors Page where you can post your book reviews, share your books and place a link back to your authors site or blog.

~ Consider showcasing your book review at Christian Book Reviews or The Book Review .

~ Contact Smitty at Christian Book Marketing with reference to the above sites.


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