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Do you attend a writers group in your community where you actually sit in the same room as fellow writers and exchange ideas and advice? Do you find it helpful? Is the actual writing advice most beneficial, or the social aspect of supporting one another?

If you don't attend one, why not? Have you ever tried one? If you quit, what made you decide to stop going?

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Hi Friends;

Again, a great topic. Thanks Lisa.

I belong to a critique group called "Critique Partner Match". It works on the same basis as the Internet match-dating site Harmony. I've been an active member at this site since August 2008. Met some interesting people and served the purpose at the time. I still blog there, but no longer critique as my fiction writing is now on the back burner as I dedicate full-time to my new business, Premium Promotional Services.

Another group I belong to is a Yahoo group called Itsyourstory. We are a small tribe, who gathered after an online workshop called, 'Editing Boot Camp', or something like that. Gosh, that was when I first started writing back in Sept. 2006. We clustered together, feeding off each other's inspiring enthusiasm, and have been practically inseparatable since then. We have a built in trust and can share anything. We have learned to be gentle yet honest...knowing we are there for each other 100%.

Jo-Anne Vandermeulen
Internet Promotional Manager/Professional Support Network for Writers
“You Write – We Promote” “Conquer All Obstacles”
Yes, I do. And I cannot recommend it highly enough. They are my encouragement and accountability to keep pressing on.

I think the social aspect really rejuvinates me. Getting together with other writers is so encouraging. We all have the same struggles. But the writing advice is great too - not only the advice, but seeing others put it into practice and how it worked for them, etc.


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