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If you have any kind of event or contest you would like our members to know of, please post it here! We'd love to know about writing opportunities, compilation books looking for stories, writers workshops you would recommend, writers events, and more. Please post it here and refrain from using our general discussion area to post it. If the event has a date or deadline, please post it in the title too.

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PLAY IT AGAIN official book launch and best sellers campaign starts on Feb. 21 - that's this Tuesday. Stop by the landing page to get a peek at all the cool free stuff!

Kingdom Sound Publishers Announces Call for Story Submissions for the Guiding Light Book Project

Do you have an ear for the voice of God? Has He led you in some way concerning your life? If your answer to both questions is yes, then Kingdom Sound Publishers needs to hear from you. 

Kingdom Sound Publishers is accepting stories from writers all over the world who have experienced God’s guidance in their lives. Be one out of the crowd to submit your inspirational story to the world. For more information please go to Publisher's Blog or register at this link to Story Submission. Hurry story submission deadline is fast approaching!


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