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Have you written ran across an article that you think our audience here would be interested in reading? please feel free to post it and the link to it and any other information you would like to share. There are some wonderful blogs out there by Christian agents, authors, editors, publicists and more. This is a great place to share some of the information that they are writing to help us, as authors!

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Mike Hyatt over at Thomas Nelson posted this recently: In 30 years of book publishing, I've seen it all. I just posted, “How NOT to Pitch Your Book Proposal”:
Chip MacGregor is one of the leading Christian literary agents and if you don't follow his blog, you should. He writes here about Book Decisions, Book Signings, Book Endorsements. Great tips and advice.
Steve Laube is another amazing literary agent in the Christian book industry. His blog is one worth following too! This recent article on The Ultimate Sound Bite is a good one for authors to read!
Part of the EDGY CHRISTIAN FICTION LOVERS Summer long blog tour, the latest post called 'Romantic suspense' explores the topic from an 'edgy' authors perspective. Check all the thought provoking articles in this series by visiting
BookTour recently launched a 10-part series on Book Promotion called “Everything you Wanted to Know about Book Promotion but were Afraid to Ask” written by CEO Kevin Smokler. Kevin has been advising authors and publishers on marketing and promotion for nearly a decade and has written and lectured on the topic throughout North America.

I've not yet had a chance to read all of the articles, but they look helpful and I plan to get back over the the web site soon.
Here is an article I wrote for those writing memoirs, "How to Write a Memoir in Twelve Easy Steps":
Read about why Seth Godin, marketing guru says he will never use a traditional publisher again. This choice of his will rock the publishing world! "Moving On"
Great post. The landscape is changing, and it will benefit authors. Those who are willing to change will reap the rewards of progress.
Can Christians Self Promote? is a great article! Something most of us should read!

I just posted an article with 50 ways to build traffic to your blog or website.  I think you'll find a few new tips here:

An article I wrote called 'Creative AS God is Creative' is currently up at the 'Odd Duck Society' website.
I just read this excellent post about promoting your book that is listed on through the use of tags. Have a look and contact me if you are interested in working on this project to promote each others books.


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