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For example, "Are you a mom with an adopted child and you've never had any information to give your child about his or her birth family? Shawna King's new book, "I've Told You Everything I Know, Sweetheart: What to Tell Your Adopted Child When You Don't Have Anything Else to Tell Them" is a great book for the parents who need to know, "Where do I go from here? How do I answer my child's question?" Read an excerpt or buy it today at [link here]

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I agree with you. It's so important for us as Christian parents, grandparents to impart the truth of God's word to our children while they are still young. They are bombarded by so much from the world right now that Christian books and other Christian media for kids are sorely needed.
Good questions from your book. Good luck.

Willie White
Yes I have two inspirational books on the market The Lord Is MY Shepherd, An Expose' Of The Holy Spirit and a monthly devotional , Heavenly Bread.

The Lord Is My Shepherd takes in-depth look at the 23rd psalm which is one of trusting God as He is the good shepherd.

An Expose' Of The Holy Spirit takes an in-depth look at the Holy Spirit who He is, His ministries, His names, emblems and works.
My website is
AND THE BEAT GOES ON is essentially my attempt at addressing the creation vs.evolution debate in fictional format. it is an archeological thriller / romantic suspense about a remarkable find - pterodactyl and giant human remains found together. Speculation leads to the 'nephilim' - a mythical race of giants descended from 'gods' and men, but skepticism, sabotage and even murder threaten the find and the teams reputation, not to mention their lives. You can find out more at my blog
Hello Online Friends,

Good day. I am an author from India and have published a book on God this year. The book is called GOD IS NO ANGEL - A Mild & Wild Chat with the Brilliant Cosmic Machiavelli. This fictitious book provides the technical, political and business reasons for all the good and bad we see on earth. It is available in Paperback, Kindle, iPAD, Nook, etc. More book details, sample chapters and links to buy are available through the link - Hope you will have a look and let me know your comments and criticism.

Web Cave -
Published: March 2010

Hang On, It's Not Over Yet, By Joseph Arhavbarien
C.2010 Joseph Arhavbarien
Spiderwize Publishers United Kingdom

ISBN 978-1-907294419

Recommended Retail Price: £6.99 (UK), $13.51 (US)

This book is available online at Amazon, AbeBooks, BetterWorld, Waterstones, Alibris, BooksAMillion, Powell's books and Distributors and Booksellers can make orders via Gardners (UK), Bertrams (UK), Ingram Book Company (US) and Baker-Taylor (US).

About Me.

Joseph Arhavbarien is a practising Christian of over 25 years, a London based industry professional. I graduated with a University degree in Microbiology and also hold a post graduate qualification in Computer Science. In addition, I hold a Theological Qualification from the United Kingdom

I was formerly resident Pastor of Palmgrove Foursquare Church, Lagos and also a onetime Teens Pastor for two years at Jakande Estate Zonal Headquarters Church of Foursquare in Lagos.

This book is my first published book. Despite being a very busy full time industry professional in the United Kingdom, I was inspired to start writing books following very positive and encouraging comments and testimonies my online ministry work at brought me from subscribers and people on my mailing list which now has members from all continents of the globe in less than two years of its existence!

I am registered in the United Kingdom as a Member The Society of Authors and also the Association of Christian writers.

About My Book

This book titled 'Hang On, It's Not Over Yet' with ISBN 978-1-907294419 falls under the Motivational genre.

As in daily life, there are challenges we face as mortals that most times tend to limit our ability to achieve our life goals. Social situations such as lack of parental support, poverty, poor education or lack of one, peer pressure, low self esteem, ill health or sickness just to mention a few can work against many from achieving their desired goals in life.

This book published in March 2010 uses historical and contemporary examples to show that with a 'can do' attitude and a positive perspective coupled with determination and faith in God many who had little chance of success have made it. Any reader of this book who may be faced with life's challenges can also take advantage of the well researched principles in this book to also make a difference in the challenging world we live in today.

A blurb from the first chapter of this book states:

"As time ticks without waiting for us to break our chain of coldness or inertia -that seeming reluctance to stop an ongoing course of action or take a new challenge or begin an activity unless we are pushed or stimulated, we need to understand that in life's race, some things won't happen except we take a step! "

The well researched themes in the book which cuts various spheres of life and circumstances, makes it a good read and grapevine of information for people from Teenagers to Adults with passion to excel in life no matter the odds against them. The scholarly approach applied in some illustrations in this book also makes it of interest to people in the academic community.
My debut novel, Shoot the Wounded is a finalist in the 2010 Readers Favorite Book Awards!!

"Shoot The Wounded" centers around the small town and families of Maplewood. Leigh and Ronnie were best friends in grade school, things changed as they started high school. Their family life was very different. In her teen years Ronnie turned wild. Jake was a new boy in the neighborhood. Soon problems arise though between Leigh, Ronnie, Jake and others at school. Jake has a past that is about to threaten his friendship with Leigh and Ronnie.

This book digs deep into the lives of youth, the rumors, and the gossip. Words can damage people. That’s when you find out who are your real friends. The characters are well developed. I recommend this book to both teens and parents. I believe it will open dialogue between them. Shoot The Wounded reflects on many of the issues teenagers have to contend with today, pregnancy, drinking, family values and peer pressure.

A book in the Asquinn Twins Series. Books for fourteen and upward, set in the rugged, beautiful area on the northern tip of Ontario, Canada known as The James Bay Frontier. The series is set from the mid forties to the early 1980s when young people didn't have arcade games, casinos, cell phones, and all the other gadgets they have today. The era was a lot more relaxed and young people made their own entertainment. The author considers having grown up in one wee corner of this frontier, to put it in the words of that time, shizz.(An awesome thing).


" target="_blank"">">

Hello all,

Volumes one and two of my Christian fiction trilogy came out in 2009 and 2010 ('Leviathan with a Fish-hook' and 'The Monster Behemoth' respectively.) There's a modern British background and a recognisably not-extraordinary protagonist, a gripping (I hope) plot, and an engagement with some tough issues, Biblical and otherwise.  I am working on volume 3 ('The Land of Nimrod') now and hope to bring it out later this year. It's available from Amazon and other online stores and on Kindle.

You can see reviews and excerpts on

Hi friends. My name is Jerry Pitts and I recently completed my first book titled, Reflections: My Personal Journey. The book is essentally my life's testimony and the amazing works God has done in and through my life. The book is filled with deep, personal events from my life from my early years of overcoming drugs to the dealing with my youngest son's death in 2009. It is my prayer that this book will demonstrate the faithfulness of our Lord as He has been my refuge and strength, my everpresent help in times of trouble. Psalm 46:1

For anyone who would like to read the book for free or order a physical copy online from my publisher's site you can visit

Feedback is much appreciated.

Here are just a few of the reviews:

An emotional, and at times, heartbreaking testimony of a life redeemed, a life changed, a life given a purpose – the kind of purpose that can only come from a personal relationship with God.
– Sharee Brewer

An inspiring testimony to the works of God in the lives of those who thirst and hunger for the love of God!
– Amanda McLelland-Harpole

I started reading and could not stop until I had read every word. It was an encouragement to me because I could see the faithfulness of God at work in Jerry’s life and believe this book will be a blessing to many.
– James Larry Mitchell, Planted Seeds Ministry

Right now I really can’t fully express what I feel after reading this book – I could not stop reading it once I started. It amazed me how willing Jerry was to be completely honest about his life – there was no sugar coating his words.
– Beverly Sermons Boyd

Thank you so much for writing Reflections. It not only ministered to me as I have no doubts that it will minister to everyone who gets their hands on it. I will most certainly be encouraging everyone I know to get a copy of it. They won’t be able to put it down until they have completely finished it.
– Judy Dickson, Uniquely His Ministries

When my children were young I wanted them to understand what Christmas was all about. I wanted to do something every day to remind them of Jesus. After much searching and not finding what I wanted, Christmas is About Jesus: An Advent Devotional was born.

Each day from December 1st to the 24th has a devotion with a picture, Bible verse and saying of how a symbol or common sight of Christmas can remind us what Christmas is really about - Jesus. 

Christmas is About Jesus: An Advent Devotional is available @ Kove's Cove and many online retailers.

If you agree please share with your friends, church, and online community. I am available for interviews and guest blog posts as well.


Do you struggle with the focus of the Christmas season? How can you focus your family on Jesus amid the hustle of the season?  Author Mukkove Johnson created an answer in Christmas is About Jesus: An Advent Devotional. Each day from December 1st to the 24th has a devotion with a picture, Bible verse and saying of how a symbol or common sight of Christmas can remind us what Christmas is really about - Jesus.

Christmas is About Jesus: An Advent Devotional is available @ Kove's CoveTate Publishing, and many online retailers.

I wrote Splinters On The Carpenter's Floor two years ago when I was going through the roughest time of my life.

I was currently unemployed, my wife had lost her job and my son's house was about to go into foreclosure. I found myself staying in the bed twenty hours a day and eventually I fell into a overwhelming depression I couldn't break.  I prayed to God every night to break the grip of depression off my life and the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart to write down my prayers, whereas so many people are dealing with horrible bouts of depressionl.  God Blessed me to write forty two writings in which I read to my wife and family.  I would share the writings at work and people would say how great they were and they were very uplifting and encouraging.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that the hand of God wrote this book, because I had never written anything my entire life.  As I read back through this book now I shake my head in unbelief at how remarkable God is and where he's willing to meet you, if you will just give him the chance.  My website is and the book is available on, Barnes and, and Books A Million.  God continued to Bless me with over forty more writings that I am considering having published in the future.  I am sharing these writings on my blog on named CreationsCarpenter.  God is an awesome God, his Love knows no boundaries and regardless of where life has taken you, God is right there with you.  PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME! 



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