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What books have you turned to when you wanted to learn additional skills about marketing your book?

This is the place to share the books that you have read that have helped you in your marketing, speaking, and writing your book so that it was more marketable.

Please share the title of the book and the author, and publishing date. AND let us know why you are recommending this book to others.

And as long as you are doing this step . . . you should head on over to and post a review they are as well!

Don't forget to add books that have helped you market your web site overall too. There are some great books out there that discuss video, and marketing through social networks, as well as some new Christian books on marketing. 

Please list:
  • PUBLISHING DATE (This is helpful!)
  • Why you recommend it!

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I have found Jo-Anne Vandermeulen's book "Premium Promtional Tips" to be a very valuable tool. It is jam packed full of ideas on promoting on line (and more) and she is very through in her descriptions of how to do things so that you aren't confused. I believe it can be ordered by going to of going to her personal webiste. She is also a member of Book marketing, so you could get in touch with her here.
I recommend Guerilla Marketing for Writers to all of the Authors I work with

But understanding your options on is your best tool
'Sell More Books' by J. Steven Miller is a must read!  Excellent, excellent, excellent with so many practical tips and examples, but written in an easy to read and friendly way. Superb!


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