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Let's share our Twitter addresses in case we want to follow each other. Please briefly describe yourself or what the Twitter account mainly posts about so we don't just have random names.

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@lisajcopen - christian illness ministry, chronic illness, my personal life, health information
@youcansellbooks - book marketing information - secular and christian
@invisibleillwk - anything to do with invisible illness week, chronic illness (no personal)
@scrapbkadoption - adoption stuff, some scrapbooking adoption, adoption stories, blogs, laws, etc

My name is Jo-Anne Vandermeulen. And YES, I love coffee...:).

I own and manage a business called Premium Promotional Services where *You Write - We Promote*.
Love to support writers by providing marketing tips through my personal site called *Conquer All Obstacles*.
Announcing my NEW suspense/romance novel and updates are on the site *Journey to publication*.

I twitter using twaitter. Short bursts of messages are sent out in timed durations 24/7. I twitter what I'm currently doing, marketing tips, interesting articles I read, new posts from my blog, announcements about my new book.

Follow me:
I'm very new to Twitter. My user name over there is: lynnettebonner.

I'm a writer of Christian romance novels. I've only been on twitter a couple days, but I'd love to get to know some fellow Christian authors over there. :) Hope to see you there.
@scottshuford - posts about FrontGate Media happenings dealing with promotions for authors and others who are reaching out to the Christian audience, as well as personal notes from me. :)
I am a Christian playwright, screenwriter and just self published my first book of poetry, The Grace of God. I would love to connect with other writers of the same genre. My twitter name is VTP
@Trinite3 the christian journey, my personal walk, blog, my new book
I have two Twitter accounts:

Blogging Bistro (business blogging and social media consulting):

@Blogging Bistro

All adoption, all the time:


I've written two books about adoption (The Adoption Decision and The Adoption Network) and an e-book about blogging, Blogophobia Conquered.

I operate two twitter sites.
I write children's picture books their Christian -because Christ is a part of everything I do.
the first is my personal author, illustrator, mom, and me site. It is @dawnstephens.
here I tweet about my daily activities and search for ideas and advice.

the second is my day job twitter site.
I am the director of marketing for a book company and this site - @booksforfunds
is about their book fair program
here I tweet about new schools and people who work with booksforfunds and not only get great reading material,but also raise money for their ministries and schools. I use this site to search for authors and home-school moms who want to help with the program too. - Author or Learn to Study the Bible - 40 Bible study methods.
Hey everyone! I hope you are well.

My Twitter addy is @scottshuford or

Here's what I'm involved with:

FrontGate Media - the #1 pop culture media group in the Christian market
We create and sell promotions through Christian web sites and events that connect companies and ministries with every sub-demographic of Christian in the U.S. We are #1 in reach to youth leaders, worship leaders, music fans, entertainment fans, and political conservatives... We work with most of the major companies or ministries who want to reach Christians.
Company is almost 10 years old

Extra Mile Merch - apparel product line design and manufacturing
Almost a year old
I'm a partner with Scott Brinson (who found Truth Soul Armor)

My Broken Palace - movement of 15-25 age group for addictions, depression and suicide prevention.
I'm a founding director with Scott Brinson and two other partners.
Soft launched in Summer 09

Splatter - ecommerce and fulfillment service for companies and ministries
launching now

Creator Leadership Network - just joined in - launching online radio programming directed at worship leaders

Widgi Systems - innovative new advertising system that combines social media with advertising, like Twitter meeting Google Ad Sense
In test phase now

please follow bettencourtbooks on twitter at


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