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Looking for bloggers again. . . "12 days of Becoming the Bride of Christ: A Personal Journey"

My inaugural book series blog tour ends on November 16th when Volume Six is featured.  In the meantime I am looking toward Christmas, and read recently about a concept called "The 12 Days of (Your Book)" and thought that would be a really cool idea!

I am having trouble getting ideas beyond the few lists I came up with, but getting lots of encouragement for having found this idea.  Of the concepts related to the book that would be easiest for me to fire off to bloggers, one stands out above the rest:

Each chapter of my series opens with a fictional fairy-tale-like story segment that culminates at the end of the series in Chapter 14, Volume Six.   In fact, Volume Six's featured excerpt next Friday will be the closing story segment of the book.

It occurred to me that people might enjoy reading these story segments.  The fictional segments begin with Chapter Two in Volume One, and seeing as Chapter 14's segment will already be shared, that leaves exactly 12 segments to share in a "12 Days of (Your Book)" manner.  The 12th segment can refer to Next Friday's featured excerpt for those curious about how the story ends.

I just need 12 bloggers willing to feature fictional story segments.  If you know anyone, have them contact me?

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I have five bloggers down officially,waiting to hear on a couple who might be interested but who haven't confirmed yet, leaving the need for 7 confirmed bloggers for this story-telling blog tour leading up to Christmas! If you know anyone who would be interested, having them contact me?

My blog tour begins a week from this Thursday and I still need 7 more bloggers to complete the 12 Days of tour featuring fictional story segments from my series: "Becoming the Bride of Christ: A Personal Journey".  If you know any bloggers who might be interested, have them contact me ASAP!


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