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Forgive me for feeling a little excited here. . . I'm planning a blog tour!!! I have two bloggers on board right now, need 4 more! If you know of a blogger who might be interested in sharing word about this series, send them my way! I'll be sharing an exert from each of the six volumes in the series. Stay tuned for details!

You can find information at the author page here:

or download my presskit here:

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Ok, down to needing three more bloggers and then I can work out the finer details of where you'll find each exert in the series, and on what week in the tour. :-)

UPDATE:  I have 4 bloggers on board but still need two more!  I'd like to start the tour in October, but still need two more slots filled.  Anyone know of other Christian bloggers who might want to feature an exert from one of the volumes of my series?  See links in the first post for info on the series.

I have two day left to find two more bloggers willing to share one exert each from one of the six volumes in my new series, "Becoming the Bride of Christ: A Personal Journey". You can read the first chapter on my page below, as well as view the volume contents list. The welcome tab contains information on where you can buy the series in paperback or pdf format. I have four confirmed bloggers, I just need two more. At this rate, I may have to start and end the tour myself, but I don't want to do that. If anyone can let me know ASAP, that would be great.

I need one more blogger before the end of the day, as I need to finalize who is doing what when before October starts tomorrow.  If you know someone who might want to join this blog tour, could you get them in touch with me, or me in touch with them?


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