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Do you have a favorite book marketing tool or software you use to speed things up? A special Firefox plugin? A web site that offers some things that have saved you time and money in marketing your book? We'd love to hear about it!

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Check out the Bookbuzzr. It is a free marketing tool that can be posted on varous sites, where your excerpt opens up like a book. It includes the capacity to include videos, press releases, and reviews; and can be set up for automatic tweets from your book. There is also an optional paid technology, but the book buzzr tool is free.
Here is the link:

If you would like to see how I used it on my website, click here:

It's no longer free. . . 30 day trial and then you need to pay a monthly fee.  If you have the funds, then perhaps it will work.

I concur with Lorilyn. I love the Bookbuzzr widget. You can join Bookbuzzr for free and upload your book, control how many pages are viewed, and allow readers to purchase it - all on their site. I have my widget on my website homepage and my blog.

My website:

My blog:

There are also other free features like auto-Tweet, adding a miniature to your email signature, etc. Great product.
I think so far, my favorite marketing tool is Twitter. Short fast blurbs and add my website link, and the numbers jump. BookBuzzr's pretty good too.
How is Twitter helping you to sell more books? That has not been my experience.
Check out this free (with ads) or very inexpensive tool for marketing

This is for my blog. But you can make many different widgets. I also made one for my videos that can be posted on websites, et cetera.

Just came across this method for promoting and selling ebooks and digital content.  Interesting concept!  I've signed up and will see how it goes.  They track impressions almost instantly!

If you want your friends and acquaintances to help promote your books, this is one way to pay them back for doing so.

We promote and marketing a lot of Christian authors and books. We believe that building a strong online presence is very important in marketing a author's book. With that said, we use Twitter, Goodreads, various sites here at Ning, and other networks and communities. We also have the ability to place a Christian author's book on 100 great Christian sites through book reviews, author press releases, author article blasts and many other great services that we offer.

For the self promoting author, we recommend, that you put a marketing plan together and in the process, do your homework to find what will work best for you and your books.

CBM Christian Book Marketing
"Get Your Book On 100 Great Christian Sites.

For all authors who are baffled by how to use Pinterest to promote your books, or for other entreprenaurs who want to learn how to use Pinterest to promote your own endeavor, here is a how-to video I created over the past 1.5 days. Feel free to spread it around to those in your own circles of influence who have wondered how to do this.


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