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Query to find if any interested in BANNER/LINK exchange. Christian author - authenticated non-fiction books.

I am interested to know if any of the CAN members would be interested in BANNER, ADVERT or LINK exchange?

With for instance the gift buying season approaching it seems to me a good way to help publicize details.

Can you let me know.

It may be that others have more experience of this than I so thoughts/input will be much appreciated.

Thank you. Have a Blessed day.

In Christ,


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Hi Eliza- I would love to exchange links with you. Links to my site and books.


All you have to do is add my links to your site and I'll add your link to my site. It's as easy as that.
Dear Grace,

Thank you so much for your reply.

I am reading through your sites with interest and I will, if o.k. with you link directly with this one:

Give me a few days until I collect more and I will have them all done at once.

Have a Blessed day.

In Christ,



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