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As I write this there are over 300 members at the Christian Authors Connection. This is the place to tell us about yourself, your book, your ministry, your goals, whatever you'd like. To make it EASY for our members to scan through the bios, put the TOP LINE of your introductions as what you most want people to know about you or your ministry NICHE.

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I am the author of a medieval fantasy fiction called The Victor. It retells the Gospel as a medieval love story with knights, an evil baron and the clash of swords. It is my goal to get it into the hands of those who don't believe, have no interest in reading the Bible or going to church as well as to get it into the home schooling market and public schools with its Lesson Plan.
I like the catagory "Christian Speculative Fiction". It seems when you go in a book store there are three types of Christian books: Bibles, Fiction and Non-fiction.
I write christian suspense with a twist of romance. My first novel "And The Beat Goes On" is an archeological thriller about the 'evolutionary conspiracy'. When a scientist unearths pterodactyl and giant human remains together, a firestorm of skepticism, sabotage and even murder ensue...
I currently have my next book in production - "My Mother The Man Eater", and another under review.
Besides that, I am also an artist, playwright, director and High School teacher of Fine Art, Drama and English. My husband (a former pastor) and I have moved around a lot , four kids in tow, while I homeschooled them. Many places we lived were north of the 60th parallel, so I have had lots of 'northern' adventures. (Polar bears, klondike gold, midnight sun ... ) My children are all grown up now, so I am free to spend more time writing. My ultimate goal, God willing, is to write full time, but as we all know, that is a dream difficult to realize. However, its in God's hands! In the mean time I shall continue to write, write, write!
I am the author of The Mystery of Ghost Dancer Ranch. This is the exciting story of two teenage cousins staying at their Grandparents’ ranch, who stumble on a mystery that involves desperate crooks who want to steal the ranch to build a casino, the ghost of a long-dead Sioux War Chief, a young Native American man on a mission to save his tribe and secret tunnels and caves left over from an old Spanish Mission under the ranch. Throw in a guardian angel that guides and protects the girls and some evil spirits that want to bring the story to a bad end, and you have The Mystery of Ghost Dancer Ranch, the first in a series of mystery adventures featuring Punkin and Boo. I am self-published through Xulon, but I am currently working with Terry Whalin from Inter-Media to publish the next book in the series "The Lost Coast" and re-release "The Mystery of Ghost Dancer Ranch."
I am the author of Shoot the Wounded, a contemporary Christian teen novel: Best friends Leigh and Ronnie find their friendship and faith challenged when, Jake, a good looking Christian boy, moves into their neighbourhood. What Leigh does not know is that despite his bold declaration of being a follower of Christ, he's carrying a dark secret from his past that has the potential to destroy his integrity and have his friends question the legitimacy of his faith. I am currently working on the sequel: Heal the Wounded that I plan to release late 2010. The final book in the "Wounded Trilogy" will be released in 2011.
My book, "Beautiful Life - Beuatiful Death" (TRH Publishing 2010) is the story of the final years of my late wifes life. It tells how God put the right people in the right places to lead her Christ. So many little miracles occurred that we didn't even see until she was suddenly taken ill with a brain tumor. Of course, we prayed for a miracle healing but the miracle had already occurred.

I hope that this book will inspire others and believe God will use it to open doors for me to tell her story in churches and encourage others to be God's angels here on earth. We never know when we have that opportunity to minister to someone if they soon may be facing the end of their life. I would love to hear from others about how best to get into the churches or Christian seminars to tell the story in person as well as sell the books. Hoping to finish a third book soon that expands on the idea of us all being God's angels (messengers) and how we must be aware of it and ready to act when God calls.
Bible doctrine, theology, and biblical commentary describe my four books. I'm ghost writing a book now, but plan to return to my works in a couple of months. My next two working tltles are "The Ministry of a Minister" and The God of Church Growth." Visit my web site at Publishers website is
I am an author of little experience. After all, I've spent the last almost 42 years as a blue collar federal civil service worker. Yes, I do get my hands dirty. What I do can be illistrated by the video of the F/A-18 which went down on the practice flight at the air show. That which saved the pilot's life-the ejection seat with all its explosives-is my "rice bowl". I have one book on which I had published by booksurge which has morphed into createspace. The book contains very short stories with a touch of faith in that the protagonists are "saved" when they least expect. Additionally, being an activist for rescued domestic animals, I included the true story of our rescued Maltese female which was just about a week away from death by inserting her little story between the fiction stories. Small Gifts: very short stories with a touch of faith hasn't been found as yet and I haven't been able to aggressively promote. My goal in writing the stories was to reach out to people who might have thought God wasn't watching-He is. In any case, I really need good ideas on how to affectively market without spending so much I have to share supper with the dog.
"The Truth About Vashtai" is the first of a series of books I am writing about women for women based on biblical characters. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be writing fiction. I am learning Inspirational Christian Novels is a great way to share the truth of the gospel to people.
I have taken numerous bible study courses and came very close to becoming an ordained Pastor. Father God told me to write. I tried "serious" biblical based writings but they were not good enough to publish. One day I sat down at my computer and began answering the question that had been in the back of my mind for years: Whatever happened to Vashti? There are a lot of women in the bible that recieve an honerable mention but are never heard of again, my quest what happened to these women. So begins my series: women in the bible.
I am a Christian writer who writes with joy and gratitude. I long to reach people who are hurting and let them know they aren't alone.I have a book coming out in November titled Finding the Light of Jesus. I am trying to get the word out that it will be available and would like to be interviewed so I can try and share the love Jesus has for us and to look at ourselves honesly with love. That is so difficult in our society. I have worked with people with severe disabilities for over twenty-five years. They have taught me about spiritual wisdom and what is really important. I write devotionals in which I give examples of the wisdom they have shown and taught me. My book will be available on amazon and I would be glad to tell you more about it. The cost is $15.00. If you like I can send you a sample chapter to give you an idea what it is. Or I could send you the proposal. If you like it I would sure appreciate it if you would let others know. Thank you so much for your time.My e-mail is
Awaken The Silence: When Silence Isn't Golden for those who have suffered from abuse...

"Stop the insanity brothers and sisters in Christ!!! Haven't you heard that if your mind is in Christ, you are a new creature? Then why so many of us are hurting, sitting each weekend on the pews wondering why, when and how will God take care of those who hurt you or your loved ones? Want to know…order your copy of my book called Awaken The Silence today."

Greetings!!! I am the author of “Awaken The Silence: When Silence Isn’t Golden.” This is a biographical book about the healing journey from sexual, spiritual, emotional and all other types of abuses from childhood and adulthood and how, with a twist of fate, a spiritual fight and lost hopes rekindled a passion for God.

Learn how one can turn from hating God to loving Him unconditionally. Can your past dictate your life? Yes! The pain from the past is as fresh as today’s news. How can you control your past? You can’t, but you can control your present by having your mind in Christ.

It is not easy, but change can happen, learn how in my book… Visit my ministry’s website and learn more about who we are.
Inspirational Author,

I have been fortunate to have been published in thirteen periodicals and have a book titled Finding the Light of Jesus which will be out in November. My publisher is CrossLink, (traditional publisher).I also have a book titled Joining in the Dance of Life: Thirty Days to a Happier You! Which also comes out in Nov. Whew! I'm gonna be busy! No- actually I am very excited. Also my inspirational novel will probably be published soon. My agent is reviewing the contract. It is a traditional publisher.I have also entered a Christian on line talent show. It's on Please stop by and vote for me if you like the video. I am doing a short reading from my book Finding the Light of Jesus. If you like it you just have to click on the thumbs up symbol. This is an exciting time. Come by and visit my website! Thank you for your time and I wish all of you much serenity and peace.

With Love,


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