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Like it or not, Twitter has become a part of our marketing efforts. Share your favorite Twitter Tools here1

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Replies to This Discussion has created a directory of Christian authors who are using Twitter. This directory is designed as a one-stop place for Christian book fans to find authors they want to follow on Twitter.'s CrossTweet directory of Christian authors on Twitter provides book fans a convenient place to find and follow the Christian authors they read. The CrossTweet directory can be found at
I love this site, Worth doing once every week or two. It's interesting to see what Tweets you made that were ReTweeted the most. and how many people you reached. One of my tweets reached nearly 6000 and I just have 700 followers.

Want your Twitter follower stats?
Want your expected Twitter Followers growth rate?
Want to increase Twitter following?
What other people are writing about you?
How popular are you (and your friends)?
Can't keep track of all the Tweets sent to you?
Who the close friends of your friends are?
What are your friends' occupations or job positions? A great way to keep track of different twitter account. I use this with so I can post to multiple places (like facebook, myspace, etc.) all at one time. One of the best parts is you can tweet in the future. So you can spend 1 hour coming up with a week's worth of interesting links and tweets and have them come out once or twice per day. Helps me not get distracted!
Lisa, great site and advice. I especially like the "future" tweeting feature. It's far to easy to spend all day social networking.

-Chris Adams
twitter: chrisWFA


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