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Group for authors of Christian books who would like to interact/network with others, and brainstorm ways to help Christian and secular booksellers with promotional ideas. Booksellers are welcome to participate and offer suggestions on their needs.

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Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on October 31, 2017 at 1:44pm
Title: Breaking the Silence
By: Diamante Lavendar
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars
Breaking the Silence by Diamante Lavendar is a touching fictional memoir written through a series of diary entries by the main character of the book, Joan Eastman. The character has bought the diary to journal her second pregnancy. Beginning with a poem written by the author, the poem sheds light on the beauty of the Lord’s keeping of you in your life and the fleeting temporal world that we live in, giving all hope for the future available in the Lord. Her book continues with fading in-and-out of memories and glimpses of the characters life, revealing horror of young innocence that was stolen and abused, Eastman’s memories of child abuse portray abuse that began at two-years-old and continued for many years. Encouraging all to not internalize abuse, the author speaks out to inspire others to break the cycle of silence that victims of abuse often endure in their suffering.
As the book transcends into the depths of child abuse and the wounding, the author reflects these journeys with life-lessons learned that reveal an overcoming spirit. She reveals how the Lord was there at every “winding road” that helps readers understand such issues as: anger, emotional and sexual abuse, the damage of stuffing emotions, self-esteem, hatred, perfectionism, self reflection, and so much more that offers readers hope and faith in God, offering a realization that with help from Him, they can overcome all abuse and neglect in their lives.
Throughout the book, many different seasons are revealed in the character’s life, displaying just how God carried the character through all the dark times. A restoration of hope and a personal relationship in the Lord  developed over the years in the character which sheds light on the fact that whether abused or not, all readers can relate to the different seasons of one’s life and look back upon their lives to see the hand of God active upon their life. This is the main theme of the book intertwined with breaking the silence of abuse that the author has creatively conveyed.
She also wants others to know that they are not alone. Encouraging all to look to God and that there is hope, healing and restoration in Jesus Christ. This book comes highly recommended for those that need help and encouragement in processing abuse, giving them a foundation in the Lord, and helps lead them into recovery by offering hope through Jesus Christ.
Order your copy of Breaking the Silence at Amazon or in Kindle. You may visit the author at Diamante Lavendar
Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on October 25, 2017 at 9:49am
Counting down to Christmas, an unannounced visitor, dubbed as a vagrant, with shabby, unkept clothes and appearance. This visitor (possibly an angel) was ushered away from the front seats of Lydia Jensen’s church to the back row. All eyes were on the man as he was ushered to the back. Lydia too looked and wondered with compassion upon the man. Finding out that he was put in the back because of the way he looked, gives way to Lydia speaking in first person of her ensuing encounters and changing heart. She wondered how her supposed brothers and sisters could act so unChristlike, and wondered how the godly couple, the Rainer’s, could possibly be so judgmental, after catching the elderly wife scowl at the poorly clothed man for taking their seats.
This book gives way to the issue of what it means to be Christlike, and displays Scripture in relevant ways as this visitor changes Lydia and her family’s lives for the good. God’s commands to His children is to not be partial, and to help the poor. The Unannounced Christmas Visitor sheds light on the modern-day Church and attitudes of the heart against the poor, the homeless and those who are less fortunate. The Bible reminds us that is not up to us to be the judge, that there is only one Judge. Still, this book displays another facet of some that those would call themselves Christians. Those who choose to look the other way, as many do, to a hurting world.
Displaying common attitudes and misguided faith about God in John (Lydia’s husband) the author has chosen to represent what may be more common happenings in marriages and families than one would like to think. Her husband John has become disconnected at age 42, and after his years at college and being indoctrinated with humanism (life without God), his faith has waned. So much so, he resents church and Lydia for wanting him to go. Their marriage, on the verge of divorce, with nothing but arguing day and night, represent how hard it is for couples just to be happy and the opposition that many families face. Lydia’s fight for her marriage and family is not an uncommon theme in our present day world.
Leading readers to a challenge to not only love the saved, but to love the lost – no matter what they look like, this book is inspiring, as it offers the hope in Jesus. One powerful comment that is made in the book by the homeless man sums up the book’s theme: “That’s because you’re doing a good thing. Most people do nice things hoping for the applause of others. But the select few do it more for the smile of God than anything else. I can assure you that your generosity has put a smile on our Maker’s face. How could you not feel good under such conditions?” This comment was made to Lydia, as she sat down to chat with the homeless man, whom she had fed (along with about 50 other homeless people).
A fantastic read, reminding all of the true Gospel of faith in action.  10.0 Stars - The Unannounced Christmas Visitor 
Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on October 24, 2017 at 8:06pm

Introducing Jesus As Master Storyteller

Authored by Bob Palumbo 
Edited by CBM-Christian Book Editing 
Deluxe Red Letter Edition

This is a special "red letter collector's edition"...paying tribute to the "red letter edition" Bibles....with all the words of Jesus in red.


And the disciples came and said to Him, “Why do You speak to them in parables?” Jesus answered them, “To you it has been granted to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been granted.” [Matthew 13:10]

The Red Letter Parables by Bob Palumbo presents a walk through the mysteries of the parables of Jesus by only focusing on the “words in red” that Jesus spoke. Revealing that, in fact, Jesus is the Master Storyteller.

Have you ever wondered exactly what is a Tare? And why, Jesus said to let them grow together until the Harvest? These answers and more are explained in this exciting new book: The Red Letter Parables by Bob Palumbo.

Taking 40 parables, the book through the Gospels of the New Testament, Bob Palumbo investigates exactly what Jesus’ messages were through these stories. With fascinating insight, blended with research from various commentaries, a rich cultural and historical perspective sheds light on the actual chronological order of the parables. Looking at the parables from this viewpoint gives a much bigger impact and brings a better understanding of Jesus’ parables.


By presenting “bunches” and a zooming in and out perspective help readers gain an understanding as to “why” Jesus spoke these stories as He did. Hidden within Jesus’ storyline, is an amazing announcement of a new way and a New Covenant being announced to the Pharisees and Scribes of Jesus’ Day.


With this, Bob Palumbo blends an easy-to-read simple format and writing style that speaks to the layperson just as much as it does a pastor. With keen scriptural interpretation, the book lends to not only the overall picture of each parable, but zooms in for close-ups, much as a person would take a photograph.


Readers will be amazed and enlightened, finding increased faith as the messages that Jesus conveyed to His contemporaries, announced the Kingdom of God that was at hand, and was upon them in the flesh, in the form of a man, the sacrificial lamb of God, Jesus, the Son of God.


Profound, these parables will touch your life and bring increased faith. Relevant to today’s believer, these parables impact us as much as they did when Jesus told them. Readers will come to see the Son of Man, His resilience and as the Savior of the World, that knows All things. One will also discover the nature of God as a loving, gracious and kind, compassionate God, but One who is no pushover.


The 40 parables are arranged in such a way that this book would also make a great 40-day devotional or be perfect for a home group or Bible study.


The Red Letter Parables, Red Letter Edition

Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on October 23, 2017 at 3:37pm

What a humble privilege is was to assist Christian Author Craig T. Feigh in the publishing of his Christian book release, Christian Basic Training.


We enjoyed working with Craig on his book publishing with regards to both the Christian Basic Training and the Christian Basic Training Workbook which Craig will be using to teach at churches throughout the US.


Here is a picture of Craig with all of his book releases. Be sure to visit Craig at Craig T. Feigh where you will be abundantly blessed through Craig's ministry.

Christian Book Publishing Assistance

Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on October 22, 2017 at 9:13pm
The Forum: A Deadly Game of Wheat and Tares by Ronald Winters offers a riveting fictional account of “real world end time events, current day attitudes and directions of the spirit of the times in which we live.”
Barak Zonman, starts off this fast-paced thriller, blending elements of espionage with a religious and political polarization that affect the masses of population around the World. In the book, there is a conspiracy to bring all faiths into one large interfaith religion and Barak Zonman and his popular TV show – The Forum must be eliminated.
This begins with Zonman, the show’s founder. The Forum “is a faith oriented call-in TV show designed to let viewers question leading members of the clergy.” Controversial in nature, this show sparks debate – and hinders the worldwide current of leading all into one faith and world peace. This novel of the wheat and tares is an amazing book written to those that would seek truth in God and the true Christian faith.
Running for his life, Barak finds sanctuary in a church and finds himself radically changed by a baptism by water, followed by a baptism of the Spirit, as evidenced by the speaking in tongues. Highlighting this issue, the author speaks of the controversy between believers on being “born again” (either by just statement and belief and/or by receiving the infilling of the Spirit, as evidenced by speaking in tongues). This radical way of being born again and receiving the Spirit is what Apostle Paul spoke of, thus, the book sheds light on God’s way versus man’s way. Man’s way and God’s way are running a collision course to the End Times in this book that reveal an exciting plot of scenarios begun by two Prologues that concurrently blend modern-day questions and events that has been spoken of in Bible Prophecy. The author also notes that we are in the time of the Olivet Discourse that Jesus speaks of on the Mount of Olives, mentioning the time of Jesus return as near since the birth of Israel in May 1948.
In the back of the book the author offers his personal testimony, delivered instantly from prescription drug dependency when “he looked in the mirror” and repented of his ways. Holding fast to true repentance, the author advocates true Holy Ghost filled deliverances and that the modern-day believer should have them as a norm, instead of replaced by the Forum so to speak – the modern day church who compromises and duplicates the actual workings of the Holy Spirit by replacing them with good theology, programs and modern day mood alteration technology. He also offers observations on some relevant issues, two being backsliding and tithing. 10.0 stars out of 10.0 stars
Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on October 13, 2017 at 1:21pm
Look Up: Redemption in This Generation
Jim Zeigler
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars
Look Up: Redemption in This Generation by Jim Zeigler is a result of over 25 years study of Jesus’ Olivet Discourse. With a general synopsis, the author relates Bible prophecy in an easy-to-read book of what Jesus said to His Disciples on the Mount of Olives as they asked about the end of the age in Matthew 24. “. . . tell us then, when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?” (Matthew 24:3)
Taking readers through his belief of when the time clock started to tick (1948), the author magnifies Scripture, revealing a journey through Bible prophecy of the End Times without complicated overuse of Scripture. Offering faith, and hope in Jesus, this book Is an excellent read to obtain a grasp of what Jesus said as He spoke to His Disciples about the coming end of the age.
With the inclusion of Scripture, Bible prophecy is an important topic. He notes that we can see Scripture fulfilled before our very eyes, and that God’s Word will not return to Him void. With modern-day events seemingly in our daily headlines, this book gives readers a compass to go by.
Offering Scripture from Old and the New Testaments that shed light on the very things Jesus spoke of in His discourse on the Mount of Olives. In particular, the author has framed this book upon God’s Word, bringing deeper understanding to the mystery of Bible prophecy in layman’s terms, with an easy to follow format.
Look Up: Redemption in This Generation is recommended for individual use or within a small group.
This book comes highly recommended to those individuals that want to study the Word and a book that is supported Scripture.
CBM Christian Book Review, sharing Christian books with the world.
Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on October 10, 2017 at 1:07pm

For simple tips about marketing your Christian book, visit our blog at Christian Book Marketing. There are some cool articles to read, plus Christian books to view.

Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on October 3, 2017 at 8:09pm
Title: Inconvenient Adventures 
By: Helen Cadd
10.0 out of 10.0 Stars
Filled with wisdom and life experiences!
Inconvenient Adventures by Helen Cadd is a wonderful read, one that is written from the heart and from one who has lived a long life serving the Lord in many capacities. Through such, Helen has a very unique perspective that offers attitude adjustments for life, and the inconveniences and challenges we all face. Relating this to a life centered in Christ, these attitudes prove monumental in daily perceptions, as Helen Cadd looks back on her life story and inconvenient adventures.
Helen’s shares from a place of experience and much biblical wisdom. She speaks of her life with Dick, her husband of 58 years and the fun they had together. Her fond memories of their children, the Christmas memories and even childhood memories bring the book to life and makes for a very interesting read. Her life adventures are a testimony to God, family and love, as they lived out many of the Commandments of the Lord (one in particular was to remember the poor).
As the author states, “This is not a book of ‘Do, Don’t and How To.’  It is simply stories in my life of adventures and the results of an attitude change.”  Noting that the first key to “opening your life adventures” is a change of attitude. She assures to readers that all is possible with the Lord.  
With such chapters as Adventures with the Piano, Adventures With Poverty, Adventures With The Trumpet, Adventures With Scriptures and Prayer and Adventures With Jon Our First Son, all in all, over 15 adventures included. You will love reading Inconvenient Adventures.
Leaving readers with the inspiration, “. . . attitude makes the difference; it can turn disaster into a great memory. It can turn tragedy into triumph. We can learn important lessons and even change disappointments into fun or real joy.”
Her testimony shares the wonderful memories, mishaps and adventures of a life well lived!  
This book comes highly recommended as an encouraging read, one that weaves Christian values, a life of doing and wonderful family times for those who relish their memories and love God. 
You may get your copy of Inconvenient Adventures at Amazon or as a download ion Kindle.
Comment by CBM Christian Book Marketing on September 29, 2017 at 9:19pm
Tending the Warrior Soul by Louis Harrison
In war there are traumas to the soul that are not assuaged for the warrior by even the most excellent psychological care, medical interventions, and official support programs. Tending the Warrior Soul helps to advance understanding of this soul damage, and offers support, encouragement, lessons from personal experience, counsel, challenge, and resources to those God has called to care for warriors' souls, as well as to the warriors themselves and their loved ones. 
"Ministry to war experienced troops begins and ends with a servant's heart. We must 'remake' our worldview, expand our theological reference points, and accommodate our civilized views about violence, cruelty, right and wrong to the uncivilized applications of war. Neither God nor His commandments change, for these are the anchor points, trustworthy and sure. ... Teaching people to sort through the reality of God while sifting through the ashes of soul, spirit, and mind burned in the consequences of war is not 'routine' business. Ministry to warriors is transformative." From Foreword, by Colonel Mike Hoyt, Chaplain, U.S. Army, Retired. 
Lou Harrison never dreamed of "writing a book," and was embarrassed when it was suggested. The thoughts he had been writing down during his years of ministry were for his own understanding and growth in ministry to combatants. His words, advice and insight have been tested for accuracy and usefulness through feedback from war-experienced friends, extending from young grunts to ranking line officers and chaplains.
You may get your copy of Tending the Warrior Soul at Amazon or in Kindle as a download. Visit the author at Author Louis Harrison.
Comment by Lynn Pinder on September 17, 2017 at 7:01am


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