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The power of the net is fantastic when it comes to connecting with people who connect with other people and so on and so forth--and in the end, this helps us cross-promote our books and/or services.

Check this out as it's worthwhile reading if you're looking for any kind of promotion to do with your book.

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Yep, it's good to help each other. On my blog I've started a year long effort of "A Peak Into the Life of an Author" about writing and the business of publishing where I take my experiences in the process. I opened it up to guests on each month's topic and so far 2 authors and a publicist have signed on.  Another avenue of cross-promotion.

Hi Shawn,


If you'd like me to contribute I'd be happy to, as long as it's around March or April or beyond. Right now I'm in the process of finishing writing my third novel. So where do I sign? :-)

March & May are free for guest post.

March topic is Fiction vs. Non-Fiction. Is the approach different? Or anything you can think of to highlight the differences.


May the topic is The Submission Process. How to find an agent, editor, publisher. Crafting the query, etc.

Just let me know which then email the post to me at


Appreciate it!

I agree, Sylvia! Thanks for the post. I've never liked talking only about myself or just my book ~ and I've found better response when I host other authors. Seems to make me more credible in the public eye, I guess. Plus, I really like meeting other authors and visiting other websites.

By the way, there's a giveaway going on my website now ~ you can win Roseanna White's book, Jewel of Persia. Check it out and leave a comment!

Hi Amanda,


I'm not sure what your experience has been with giveaways. I contributed to about 5 different giveaways and found that most of the time readers didn't even redeemed their prize. And if they do, you never hear from them again and they certainly don't give you any feedback (good or bad) in relation to the book. I was disappointed and will now focus my efforts on promotion. For some reason, I think that when we as authors give away something that's free people don't value it, unless it's a trip to Paris for two, first class all the way. LOL. What are your thoughts and experiences on this?

We can cross-promote by reviewing each other's books, but (although I've done it) I wonder if such reviewing will be taken seriously by the internet public?  Granted, any kind of publicity is better than none.  Maybe savvy internet people can read between the lines of reviews to correct for obvious mutual back-scratching?  Karl Larew
Honestly, I hesitate about reviewing another author's work. Knowing what it takes to write and publish, feels wrong to me to pass judgment in a way, good or bad. That's why I decided to offer guest posts, to let readers get to know the author and be more supportive in getting the word out without reviewing.

Hi Karl,

One can always review under another name, so I don't think the audience who reads it will know where the review came from. The only problem I do foresee, however, is that we're so busy writing away and promoting our own books that we barely get time to read. LOL.

I run my virtual TV show, The Lit Chick Show, and this is where I give authors a chance to talk about their own book and I find that I'm getting some good comments from readers and fellow authors, and this adds to the value of promotion because the author being featured can share the link to the interview with anyone and also paste it on his/her website. But I'm sidetracking from what I wanted to say. If only you knew how many authors have offered their books for me to read. While this is flattering and I would love to oblige, if I did all that reading I would never get any writing done or get my blogs out there.

It's tough being an author/promoter. LOL. But I do believe that it will pay off with perseverance.

a noble thought, which I applaud.  But how does "getting the word out" about an author's work (without reviewing) differ from providing space for self-promotion?  I'm new to all of this, so I'm open to ideas.

It spreads the word through different sources. People who follow a blog do so out of interest and usually accept what is stated. A relationship builder, if you will.

This year I'm more focused in an effort to chronicle my journey to becoming published. The guest authors will post about their experiences, which makes them/us more personable and accessible to the reader.



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