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What is your latest book and what are you doing to promote it?

I have a manuscript currently making the rounds at publishers, so it's not under contract yet. It will be my eighth book (first in a new field: changing from computers to quilting). In the meantime, I'm slowly building an author platform for myself, so when the book hits, my name will be known in the industry. How?

I'm offering a e-book on my website and blog as an experiment: it's my first effort at an e-book, so I'm marketing it slowly. It's a free offer I'm using to help create a platform for myself. The book is an expanded series from a topic I discussed on my blog: Quilters Top Ten Myths About the Color Wheel. I teach workshops on quilting and color for fiber artists, so this book supports that effort as well establishes my credibility as an expert in the field. I've made sure it's a small file size so it's easily e-mailed and shared (I've retained rights under Creative Commons License).

I've attached the e-book so you can see for yourself.

What are you doing with your latest title, and what have been your biggest marketing successes so far?

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Weaving Dreams Publishing is a new company. I am working on getting the title "Life is Like Making Chocolate Chip Cookies" published. I am using Lightning Source as the printer and as a connection to Barnes and Noble, Ingram, Baker and Taylor, etc. I am finding getting into those venues a challenge without LS.

I am working on a website for the company itself as well as one for the book. Wearing two hats makes time at a premium as there is so much to learn as a publisher and as an author who markets the book.

Right now I feel the biggest marketing success for this book has been finding the right printer/distributor for the book along with a newsletter offering a shipping special for the pre-publication sale of the book. Word of mouth (groups and newsletters) have helped greatly. I know there is more that I can do. Time is the enemy right now. I could use some time management tips!

Thanks for this forum!
My newest book entitled The Orphan Boy, A Love Affair with Mining, is being distributed on two of the most visited global mining web sites. I am also speaking to a variety of local and regional mining groups.

After publishing this book in March 2007, I have started writing and promoting a variety of eBooks on subjects ranging from solar energy and the peak oil crisis to the art of writing an ebook. The eBooks provide a break from writing a "full fledged" book and yet allow me to research try different marketing techniques, while continuing to write.

I have attached a copy of my eBook about the Orphan Boy Mine to give you some insight into the mining history and heritage of the American west and a feel for Colorado's Glory Days.

H. Court Young
Geologist, author & publisher
Promoting awareness through the written word
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"...I have started writing and promoting a variety of eBooks on subjects ranging from solar energy and the peak oil crisis to the art of writing an ebook. The eBooks provide a break from writing a "full fledged" book and yet allow me to research try different marketing techniques, while continuing to write."

Hi Court,

This technique is attractive, so you mean you pick a topic from the book you are writing about and make an e-book on the topic, dont you?

the writing process becomes frustrating at some point, this technique offers a resort and a short term goal.
My latest book is "4Ps to Publishing Success: Get Your Manuscript Off Your Desk & Into Print." I released it first as an ebook, available as a download on my website. Now it's also available in the print version. I first marketed to my mailing list via my free weekly newsletter for writers, "The Wordy Woman." I am speaking to local and regional writers' groups and selling the book there. Many of my book sales translate into consulting clients. I'm also beginning to join social networks, like this one, to reach audiences outside my geopgraphical area. I'm delighted to be learning so much from the posts on these sites, too.

As I help others to write and publish their books, I've developed an interest in POD publishing and I'm currently pursuing starting a publishing company that will produce quality (well-edited, well-designed and well-marketed) books. My background is 30 years in publishing as an editor, author, copy writer, and publicist. I'm working with a designer who has also has many years experience in the publishing industry, so I'm excited to soon be able to offer my clients a full range of services to help with their writing and publishing needs.

I'm going to download your ebook. I live in Western North Carolina, which is a popular area for artists and writers. Quilting is very popular here, and perhaps I'll be able to recommend it when I meet crafters here.

Thanks for starting this forum. I think it's just what I was looking for!
This internet marketing is really challenging with many experts out there...How does one know which way to go? It has become so sophisticated that is for sure...Carol
Two of my 9 accomplishments are non-fiction. 'Home Health Cures & Special Household Quick Tips' and 'Two Sides of a Bi-polar Survivor'. One of my biggest sales pitches has been book marks that I ordered. I leave them every where and so does my family. They help alot. Another good thing that I did that promoted sales quickly was that I offered LARGE PRINT EDITIONS of all of my books and sales picked up within a couple of days. Evidently there are people out there looking for LARGE PRINT EDITIONS!
I'm sorry I forgot to mention that I am also on a new web site called where they create a single web page for you for a mere $25 so that you don't have all of your books in all these free web sites all over the place. It's great having one link to send people to in all of my advertising.
My best successes have been the result of hunches and acting on impulse: a book of folklore called Tales of the Tobacco Country sold its entire first edition to Phillip Morris as an executive Christmas gift; We Choose America (with cartoonist Eugene Payne) was picked up by Christian publisher Beka Books after a referral by W. Clement Stone (insurance magnate and author of Success through a Positive Mental Attitude) that resulted from an impulse mailing of a copy of the first edition to his home address. My advice: start early, work hard and treasure those impulses and hunches.


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