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My new book, The Self-Publishers Bible, is scheduled for fall publication. Appropriately enough, it will be self-published.

The info grew out of my 35 years in the business as non-fiction book writer, magazine editor and publisher, and book publisher. (see my profile).

I want to make it as complete -- and as useful -- as possible. Many of the entries are as much as 1500 words long.

My question to you: what questions would you most like answered by a pro who has been around the publishing block many times. At my time in life -- the youth of my old age --it is time to give back.Those who want to contact me directly can do so at, but I think that the most interesting way to reply would be right here on this forum.

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I would ask: if you write a cook-culture-book, what should be a portion of Illustrations and the role of illustration, how signifgicant are they?

thank and best of luck with your book



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