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I have a question.  Is it easier, from your experience, to market a book from the perspective of the book alone or within the framework of a larger business?  The latter being an add-on to, let's say, a consulting business.  Or in other words, is it better for the book to drive up the expert status or the expert status drive up sales of the book?

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Dear John,
Before I provide a potential answer to your question, I would like to give you a little background, so that you have confidence in my response: I have been helping people with marketing challenges for 10 years now, focusing mostly on internet marketing.
To answer your question, you can market your book either way: for example you can use your book as a tool to build credibility within your business or you can market the book as a standalone. Both are equally simple to do; it just requires you choose a methodology and build a marketing platform around that standpoint. If you would like a more in-depth answer to your question or have specific questions, feel free to email me some times you are available for a telephone discussion: alison at idealvisitor dot com.
Warm Regards,
Alison Silbert
This is completely from my layman's perspective, but I would think whichever is your strongest attribute (business or book) make that your springboard for marketing the other. Then as the other grows in popularity, you can always switch. =)


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