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The business books that I write are targeted to a specific niche or audience, I mean how many people are going to buy a book on how to start their own collection agency? 
Though many business owners will buy a book on how to limit credit risk
and get paid from past due customers. 

 I sorted my list of customers who have purchased my books to date and this is what I came up with:


Highest number of book orders

 CA                   176

NY                  120

FL                    119

TX                   99

GA                   80

PA                   73

IL                     72

OH                  61


 Lowest number of book orders

 AK                  3

MS                  3

DC                   2

VT                   4

WV                  4


This is interesting to me, I am in NH and only had 38 sales to customers in NH, where I do most of my marketing, the surrounding area shows even less in sales, for example I sold only 29 books in MA, 4 in VT, 3 in RI,
and 11 in CT. 

I am trying to figure out how to make more sales with this information, and am wondering if I should pick up my marketing in the states where I made the most sales, CA, NY, FL, TX and GA.

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Hi Michelle,
I have been teaching people how to focus their marketing on niche markets for more than 10 years. As such, I can say with certainty that you are on the right track when you say you have such a tight niche market. Have faith: there are many many people out there to market to that want what you have created; you just need to spend some time brainstorming where your ideal readers go. If you would like some assistance, feel free to email me directly (alison at idealvisitor dot com) with some available times to further discuss your needs via a phone call.
Warm Regards,
Alison Silbert


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