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Hello non-fiction authors,
I am seeking some great authors, who are also great conversationalists, who would like to be my guests on my BlogTalkRadio programme "Lynn Serafinn's Garden of the Soul".

The show airs on most Wednesdays at 6.30 PM UK time (1.30 PM Eastern) for 30 minutes (I say "most" because some weeks I have to run it on Thursdays).

I bill the show as:
"Author and Personal Transformation Coach Lynn Serafinn hosts a range of inspiring topics and special guests, exploring personal empowerment, life purpose, balance of mind, body and spirit, and how to tap into the inner hero that lies within every human being."

So, do you think you fit in this type of show? If so, send me a short note with your primary email address, with a little bit about your book, your work and what would make you an interesting guest. It is a GREAT way to publicise your book, and I will post links to your book on my blogsites after the show is aired.

I am only on episode 3 so far, but do have a listen to the "on demand" shows located at

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Warm wishes,

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I think that you might be interested in having Norma Hollis, author of, 'Ten Steps to Authenticity' on your show. Please peruse:
She looks lovely and very much in line with the kind of guest I seek. I particularly relate to her comments about using authenticity in the business world and how it relates to creating an experience, and I truly concur on her definition of authenticity. It's precisely the message I am promoting, and she looks like she would be a wonderful guest.

Thanks for the lead, Tique!

Warm wishes,
Hello Lynn,
My name is Shelli and I am an adolescent psychotherapist. I have been in private practice for 14 years. I am currently working on 2 books they may be of interest for your show. The first book is about a program I created in order to help adolescent girls who struggle with Love Addiction/Love Avoidance and Adolescent co-dependency. These girls often enter into abusive and self destructive realtionships searching for acceptance and validation. Often if not treated they turn to substance abuse, self mutilation and sexually acting out. My program helps them to begin to see the light within them and the goodness of the universal energy that surrounds them. They begin to learn about trust, emotional safety, acceptance and letting go and the importance of spirituality. The second book is about the personal stories of some incredible young women and their personal journies to healing. I believe that adolescents are often misunderstood and dismissed by adults. They are taught to have their feelings protected or dismissed. If you would like to learn more about the program or have any interest in my gift of understanding adolescents I can be contacted at
Hi Lynn,
I would love to be interviewed on your show. I was recently interviewed by Sharon Lippincott, who posted the podcast on her website:
My recently published memoir, "Following the Whispers," tell the story of a spiritual journey which began in 1978, when I lost custody of my only child. You can also visit my website: to learn more about me and the book.
P.S. I think I'm following you on "Twitter." But I still haven't really gotten the hang of Twitter and how to best utilize it.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

I am not sure if you are still looking for persons to interview or not, but I think my story is very compelling. Check out my book at

Jim O’Donnell writes from the mountains of northern New Mexico where he led the campaign to pass the Valle Vidal Protection Act of 2005. An expert in natural resource planning, Jim has developed watershed restoration partnerships between communities and land management agencies. An author, gardener and archaeologist, Jim holds a Master’s Degree in Community and Regional planning and is certified in Permaculture Design. He is a principal in Collaborative Green, a sustainability consulting firm. His written work has appeared in Hyenas Laughed at Me and Now I Know Why, Catch 2, Wild, Suomen Luonto and Conceptions Southwest.

"Notes for the Aurora Society" is the story of a 1500-mile walk through Finland. Leaving from the southernmost point of Finland, the author crossed the Finnish countryside interviewing Finns about their relationship to nature and exploring the land and the history that made modern Finland. His journey deposited him, five-months later, on the shores of the Arctic Ocean. Blending a naturalist’s ecosystem knowledge with an anthropologist’s ability to elicit unique insight into the process of culture, this work of travel literature is the first book to look at the Finnish people through their connection to the natural world.
Hello Lynn,

If you are still looking for authors to interview, I would definitely be interested.

K.M. Johnson
Author of ~ Knowing The Struggle Is Over! Available Now!!!
"You're not the situation you're in!"
Hello Lynn~
Please visit my web site to learn more about my latest book ~ and me to see if I'm a fit for your show. I've done several shows already. When you read my bio, please understand that all of those accomplishments have been done since the age of fifty.
I've experienced major disappointments, tragedy and the like but I've managed to come out on top!
I'll be in Iowa between Nov. 3 -7 with speaking engagements but I will be checking my e-mail.
My web site
Looking forward to your reply,
I'm interested in your Blog Talk Radio shows.

Problem: I am temporarily in Ireland.

Would doing a Q & A or author interview ON PAPER be of interest to you. You could maybe make that into a readable article (some articles are already prepared).

Just a thought - and your anwer will be much appreciated.

With thanks.

My name is Chloe JonPaul and I am the author of "Entering the Age of Elegance: A Rite of Passage & Practical Guide for the Modern Maturing Woman". The book is written in a travel guide format since this is a journey every woman must make and it can be fabulous!
To find out more about the book ~ and me, please visit my web My bio is posted on the web site and you'll be delighted to know that everything you see there has been accomplished since the age of fifty!
Looking forward to your reply,
Hello Lynn,

Take a little time to truly grasp what I am presenting and then let's talk...

Peace and Wisdom,

Buddy Page
Seven Star Hand
Hello, I have a book called Joining the Dance of Life: Thirty Days to a Happier You! My website is I have been interviewed onn television and radio and wonder if I might fit for you.

With Love,

Cindy Tuttle


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