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The Done Deal...Unveiled and MORE

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The Done Deal
The Susan James Method of Manifestation
(by Susan James) 
Affecting The Probability of Possibilities
Closing The Gap Between Desire and Fulfillment
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ISBN:   ISBN-10: 097465261X
ISBN-13: 978-0974652610
(212 pages)  (Paperback) Vast Five Publishing
Paperback $11.95
Kindle / Nook $9.49 (also pdf)

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In the 8th book from Author Susan James comes:
The Done Deal...
Affecting The Probability of Possibilities
(Closing The Gap Between Desire and Fulfillment)

Those desires that we have, some that seem elusive, but still
calling us, will only be accomplished through higher study
and personal development. The Done Deal provides energetic
shortcuts for those who feel led to them.

Maybe you are one?
Susan James

(From the ‘Two Sides of Wanting'..chapter)
Having All That We Desire Fulfilled, is much easier than all
that we currently understand, and which is written about ad
nausem, in many books. Meaning it has nothing to do with
performing actions/activity so that this and that happens.
Meaning, performing some activity, even focused thought
energy or at least as we currently understand how to focus
thought energy has little or nothing to do in relation to
manifesting what we want as it would relate the next level of

‘We can’t feel the essence of what we truly want, if we aren’t
making the effort to expand from the lower density that hides
it from us.(sj)’

It’s not that we don’t believe we can have it, it’s that we don’t
understand how we really can have it. We don’t know how it
works; we don’t even understand that if we knew how it
really worked then we could have whatever we want. But we
don’t have any idea. Some of us don’t even know the option

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