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I am currently in Buenos Aires
starting a new business for the production of audiobooks to be sold
throughout Latin America.  I am looking for appropriate authors we can
translate and record into Spanish.  Oddly enough my main interest is
still to sell everyone's productions but I have been forced to start
producing in order to launch the site because there are still NO
audiobooks in Spanish - other than a lot of public domain titles that I
am not as interested in advertising and launching a site to sell at the
onset.   I am looking for interesting titles that are of universal
content and will be just as interesting for audiences in the southern
part of the hemisphere.

You can check out what we are doing at: and

Should you find this of interest and would like to explore it further, I will be delighted to talk to you about it.

Maria C. Siccardi

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I find this extremely interesting, Maria. It brings up all sorts of questions in my mind. One would be "isn't it scary trying to sell audio books to people who haven't bought any before?"

Another, why are you looking for translatable books instead of works in orginal Spanish? I have a friend with a neat novella that won prizes in Spain but can't get published in her native Mexico. Interested in her?

what general areas are you interested in?
Hello Maria,
I am a new self-published Author. I have produced a book offering the reader a choice of two endings which has been published. The book is available on various online stores, Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc and has been made available to buy on the shelf of Waterstones in Gower street LONDON. The general press release was as follows;-
Ever wanted to read a book where you wanted to decide the grand finale for yourself?
Bored with the same solitary assigned ending in every book?
Wouldn't you like a choice?
I have published such a book where the reader has been given the opportunity to choose from an ALTERNATIVE ENDING.
My publication of 'So, Here I Stand' has just been released into Waterstones in Gower Street London and is available online.
The book itself has the choice of two endings and from these two endings stems two sequels. The sequels also have two endings in each. The reader has the chance to select either sequel to create their own series of a suspense thriller, because they are not limited by the sequel they choose. The subplot continues irrelevant to the choice of sequel.
I am hoping to infuse a new spark into reading that book on the way to work again!


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