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Publish (or re-Publish) your books in 3D for $200-300,
Sell it on the internet and get 100% of the income.

We build and publish your book to the internet in 3D, enabling you to earn 100% of the book sales.

See samples:
The Guerilla Diet and lifestyle 
Dr. W. Pierpaoli-Medical Handbook
Rabin-20 years after                
Nessia Laniado- Medicina       

Children's books

“The Junglies” series   
 5 Audiobooks interconnected. The first is free.
The Big Brass band         Children book with sound and music with "The book that sells itself" feature

The Adventures of Eshe        Audiobook

World of Medicine          

Our books are read on any browser on any device, with full multimedia and interactivity.

The book is password-secured and is sold directly from the book itself via PayPal.
100% of the income is transferred automatically to your account.

We can build your book as an audiobook, as well.

The digital book will sell both- the digital version and the printed one as well. (Directly from the book -2 clicks only).

Our special rates are (one time payment):
Fiction & Nonfiction                $300
Children's book                       $200  (Audiobook- $275).
Magazine                                $145

We shall gladly build for you, and publish to the internet for sale, one of your books- free of charge or commitment (We just need the book's PDF and covers).
If you like the result- you are invited to pay for it.
If you don't- we shall still, remain friends.
Assuring you of our best service at all times.

Miki Sever
CEO of Tiktakti

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