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You are now in mid-year 2012. Have you noticed any changes within yourselves as well as what has happened and is happening on your planet? We tell you there is so much going on at this time. Your financial markets are changing, some of them falling because of the lack of honesty and integrity, while others are failing because there is no need of the products or services that once were important. This is the year to really start thinking about what is truly important to you.  Not what has gone on before that interested you, but what interests you now? You may notice that these two may not be the same. For some of you, yes, but most of you, no. Your passions are changing. Again what serves you now?

Dear ones, please notice what is transpiring within you. Note the atrocities still happening on your earth. People are freaking out because what they once considered safe is no longer safe to them. So they rebel. Take note of these ones who decide their life spans are finished and they choose to leave the earth plane with a grenade strapped to their backs. They do this in the name of God or Allah.  Does this serve them? Perhaps it does. That is the only pattern of salvation that they see. We use the word salvation to tell you that only you are the one who decides your salvation. In so doing, you are caring for your own soul. As you care for your soul, therefore serving yourself, you also are serving others who feel of your energy. This is not in the sense of personal corruption. The word corrupt means to dispel what is for your highest good. So there is no selfishness involved. When you are totally honest with yourself and all others, and you do what is for your highest good, then the only way you affect another is with loving energy.

There are many souls on this earth who have yet to wake up to knowing their own divinity. And to move them out of the old complacency is to continue knocking down the old walls of yesteryear. Mother Earth continues in her moving and shaking, some areas more violently than others.  Does this not wake you up also? You and Mother Earth are in this most beautiful change together. Respect your Mother Earth. If the rains come down hard on you, move to an upper level. This is also a metaphor for how you live your lives. Step it up in recognizing you are moving into a new physicality imbuing love in your hearts. It will be the only way to live if you decide to stay on this earth plane. There continues to be more challenges around the world. Then all of a sudden you will notice a peace and a calm washing over the earth. Please take this most seriously as you all are deeply involved.  You will again be the most caring soul holding the new baby in your arms. And this baby is the birth of the new you.

In peace and gratitude to you all as you continue your journeys. It is a most spectacular journey.

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