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Escape from Zombie Island is available in eBook!

A zombie apocalypse at Camp Atoll? How could such a thing happen at an exclusive summer camp for kids? Campers Anna, Marco, Isabel, and Randall don't have time to worry about such trivial details. They're too busy trying to stay alive! After escaping the first zombie attack, the foursome discovers that the entire island is swarming with the dread-undead! Their only hope for rescue is the helipad, a whopping 18-miles across the island. They'll have to use all their skills and smarts to avoid the determined brain-suckers and get away. But will that be enough as they deal with zombies, injuries, and the most terrifying journey of their young lives? And, the scariest thought of all … will help be there when they arrive?
Deb Dyess weaves suspense, humor, and edge-of-your-seat thrills to create a tale that all young zombie fans will love and read over and over. With 8-12-year-olds in mind, she writes characters kids can identify and cheer for as they read. Each of her young heroes has a chance to shine as they battle the creepers and fight to survive.
What advance readers are saying:‘
Suspense and action keep the reader motivated throughout the story. Characters are real and fit perfectly for the age group ... Each character owns their unique personality that gives life to the story. There is plenty of action and it is spread out to let the young reader become part of the story. Spots of humor keep the situations light and play the intended age group. Escape from Zombie Island thrilled me and I am 65!’
Richie B
I'm in love with the suspense!’
Precious O.

This is perfect for a middle-grade reader. I can see it in the hands of a 10 or 12-year-old boy... I like the way the zombies are described in ways that don't need "blood and guts" You can get the same effect with gray pallor and a flapping, unhinged jaw, a bobble-head ... very y good.
Susan D.

Excellent descriptions throughout, very fast-paced, suspense builds dramatically. Touches of humor.
Elizabeth E.

the eBook is now available at Amazon, Kobo, BYN, OverDrive and other favorite book sites. Get yours today!

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