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Daniel Rivers and his wife get more than they bargained for after they purchase a long-abandoned, ramshackle house on the outskirts of Shelton, Connecticut. This is a charming tale, revealed by the house itself, along with some help from a resident Pootatuck Indian spirit who is bound to the house and property until she can set straight the legend that history has erroneously changed. As the house undergoes transformation Daniel and his wife discover the history of their property and vow to help set history straight.

Based on the real-life Legend of Lillinonah, for whom a lake in Connecticut is named, the story is set in and around the Lower Housatonic Valley where the Pootatucks once made their winter home. It is the second is a series of stories wherein history is recalled through the procession of a house’s residents.

Honeysuckle Hill introduces a host of former inhabitants in addition to the Pootatuck Indians: early European settlers, a naval family, artists, actors, and gypsies. As the couple in the story tries to set history right, we are reminded how each one of us helps shape future history while being affected by the past. It helps immensely knowing that Daniel’s wife is none other than Merline Madagascar, the historical interior designer who can communicate with a house’s spirit.

Discover for yourself that history is alive as the house’s legacy unfolds and come away knowing that behind each house could lie a rich and interesting past.

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