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  • 92, Female
  • City of the Gold Coast , Qld
  • Australia
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Started this discussion. Last reply by Renate Jun 6, 2007.

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Something About Me and My Book:
I am an Artist, poet & author of ' From the promised Land to the lucky country"
An autobiography that covers life in 4 different continents. It shows life in the Land of Israel (Palestine) under the British mandate up to & including Israel's War of Independence, and till 1955, as well as the Yom-Kippur War.
It then depicts life in Sydney Australia in the 1950's, Midwest USA in the 1960's and covers life in Western Australia from 1967 to 1988. A fast moving and full of occurrences & emotions. A book you cannot leave alone once started
My book is available at -

Renate's Blog

email promotion

Hi to all my friends and everyone else,

I am preparing an email promotion of my book ‘From the Promised Land to the Lucky Country’

(click to read more about the book - ).

I would appreciate…


Posted on July 31, 2007 at 12:46am

Web sites and links

Hi to all,

I have made it! At long last, my website is in cyberspace. It was a long learning curve that has not finished yet, but one that

gave me a lot of knowledge in a field I never thought I will even think of

tackling…and who said life is boring?…

Well, you can click on one of the following links to go on it, and I am sure you’ll enjoy it.…


Posted on May 10, 2007 at 3:34pm — 2 Comments

Help please

Hi to all,

I am in difficulties.

I don't know how to post a posting on the forum.

The link I get on my email stating I have a message does not tell me from whom it is.

Most times the link does not work, even when I press Ctrl and then click, resulting in a message to say that the server cannot be found.

When I go on this site, I cannot find where to reply to those I know who they are - is it on my page, on their page or on the forum.

So, Help Help Help.

My email… Continue

Posted on April 7, 2007 at 11:08pm — 1 Comment


Hi everyone,

Even though my book - From the Promised land to the Lucky Country is doing well on Amazon, I cannot see it in any other book page on Amazon in-house recommendations.

What I mean to say is that it does not show on other book pages as a recommended to be read when one bought a similar book, or that people who bought another book of the same type bought also my book and so on. I can only see that the same books are always recommended. Does anyone know how does Amazon choose… Continue

Posted on April 3, 2007 at 11:43pm — 7 Comments

Hi to all,Yes. I know I did not post anything till now, but I am new to all of this, and I was busy making friends and asking for friends.I think this internet linking with people is wonderful, but a…

Hi to all,

Yes. I know I did not post anything till now, but I am new to all of this, and I was busy making friends and asking for friends.

I think this internet linking with people is wonderful, but also very daunting.

My book - "from the Promised land to the Lucky Country" was launched at the end of January and is doing very well on Amazon. It is my autobiography and it took me 10 years to write it.

I was lucky to live in times and places of importance not only to… Continue

Posted on March 22, 2007 at 4:12pm — 1 Comment

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At 4:40am on July 13, 2009, Freya R said…
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At 12:51pm on February 16, 2008, Renate said…
Hi Susan,
Are your daughters permanently on Australia or are they on a visit? Will you be vusuting here?
At 2:56am on February 16, 2008, Susan Cook-Jahme said…
Hi Renate,
My daughters are both in Brisbane - boy, I miss them...Aussie is so far away from here! Trust the rain stops soon and that you dry out :0)
Have a great weekend,
At 11:12pm on December 18, 2007, Susan Cook-Jahme said…
Thanks Renate...what a lovely message & I look forward to our friendship :0)
At 12:23pm on July 31, 2007, R. C. BECKOM said…
you make me smile Renate, if you really look at what is beening discuss here and put away the ego. you will come to the realization that we are traveling down the same road thinking about the very same types of thoughts about things and how we would like to see things become. but to me, your problem with me is you are looking for something that is not there. I did not know that I could create a story that someone who did not know anything about me would judge, convict and sentence me without reading the evidence and then turn around and accuse me of doing the very same thing, this is laughable, calm down Renate, this is only a story and has nothing to do with present day life, nor personal feeling, if this story is as touching and effective as you are stating, (and I know that you have not read it yet, for if you had, you would not be making statements like you have made,) as you have stated to me, "My book is not about bitterness nor anger, or rage, it states situations and solutions for those types of situations, now if that affends anyone they must be guilty of doing something like that and is wondering what the consequences are going to be for doing that. for this I will have no apology for what I write, If my bio bothers you this much, wait until you decide to really buy the book and read it. from hearing what you are telling me, It tells me that this story must be doing it's job." I am only a writer not a worrier see. when I am writing about anything I never enject my feeling, I tell the story for what it is, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, crack like a duck, then my conclusion is , "It's a Duck," see, just like you, I listen, I understand, I do the research, I post the results of the research, (now your telling me that I touched your spirit causing you to want to know who I be ,or what is it that I be feeling about what I is sayin', did you get that)? It's a joke! we are both universal brothers in the eyes of the Almighty no matter what either of us think . See I have no problems with what you think, write or feel , if you were to speak of truth then I would tell you that I not only seek your truth or mine, but I seek "The Truth" and believe it or not if you look for truth you will find it and some, it's the same as if you look for lies,you will find lies. does this may me in your eye sight sound bitter also? now you have also ask me what is the duty of the chosen people. did you not know that the chosen people were put here to preform a duty? and not just to be running talking about how chosen they were? The chosen people were chosen for one major reason and that is to bring the rest of the sons of Adam into the truth of YHWH (John 4:22) This is the reason all the apostles, prophets and The Messiah were Hebrew Israelites. Yah said he would make Israel a kingdom of priests, the job of a priest is to minister. If you're a nation of priests, who are you going to minister to? It wouldn't be to your fellow country men because they are also priest. Israel was going to be priest unto the world, and teach the world the commandments and laws of the creator. this was and still is the original plan. All nations are going to come to the Hebrew Israelites because at this time the world will have knowledge of who they are and what they are suppose to do. The Hebrew Israelites will be the holders of the key of salvation. Though out biblical times and even now. Israel had and has become a spiritually dead people. In the past and today they have become accustomed to mixing the pure worship of YHWH with that of pagan idol gods. In the process of doing this they continue to bring more curses down on them, and at the same time have lost the knowledge that Yah has given them, It has became next to impossible for the Hebrew Israelites to teach the world when they have forgotten what they were suppose to teach. This was the reason for the prophets, all the prophets came to Israel and told them to repent (change their ways) and return back to Yah. This is the reason Yahshauah came to Israel, He was not sent to any other people other than the children of Israel. as it is written in: Matthew 10:5-6/ 15:24 THESE TWELVE YAHSHAUAH SENT FORTH, AND COMMANDED THEM SAYING, GO NOT INTO THE WAY OF THE GENTILES, AND INTO ANY CITY OF THE SAMARITAN ENTER YOU NOT: BUT RATHER GO TO THE LOST SHEEP OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL. 15:24 BUT HE ANSWERED AND SAID, I AM NOT SENT BUT UNTO THE LOST SHEEP OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL. You see Yahshuah had to come from of high to teach them the correct way of worship and redirect them to the path of peace and righteousness. He never came to start a new religion. He came to his own to save them from their sins (John1:11 Matthew 1:21) and the way to save them from sinning was to show them the correct way to worship, just as Moses had taught them. well I got to go now, I hope this has given you some insight about others , but if not, well , I love you any way and like or not, you are still a brother of mine. next time , can the negative ness, don't nix pix, speak what in your heart for real ,
At 1:22am on July 31, 2007, R. C. BECKOM said…
Hi Renate,I welcome you to be a friend of mine who will and I "Know can open my eyes to things that I may or may not be aware of, and I thank you for being there for just that. and please believe me I do know and understand about the history of what you are speaking about, old how I know about It oh so well, but as you have stated yourself there are things that has happen to other folks too. I read your comment, and I welcome it with an open mind, no, I have no bitterness about anything in life, but actual truth, and not just some type of made up fictional truth will always point the mind in the direction it should go, the old sayin' goes "Never judge a book by its cover," but if you open it up and read it and you just might find out that it may be more simaliar to your way of being, thinking , and feeling in life than even you could imagine, the world is full of judgemental people who only react to subjects and things , that their mind has just refuse to accept believe that their way of expressing condemnation could be affecting another group in a way that even the "Almightly who created all things Living or not would even say " Let my People go." No one seems to want to understand that things can happen for the betterment of all by starting somewhere where the problem is being create ,for instant I could have a toothache this week and yes you may compassion for my situation but you will not have any real true "Feeling" of understanding the true of my toothache until you have one yourself. so you see it is so easy to trade pain for pain to see whose pain is the worst, but this solves nothing, you may have an impression in your mind that I am problems with the thoughts of the world or of my mind. but I would like for you to know that perhaps like you, I'm religiously incline but also Spiritually inspire for you see I also realize that YHWH is a spirit and what the True Duty of the Chosen People really is. Shalom
At 9:40pm on July 25, 2007, david b mclaughlin said…
Please help me name my book (if you have not already)!

Vote here:

Thanks in advance,
David B. McLaughlin
At 3:37am on July 4, 2007, Renate said…
Hi Meghan,
You probably saw my page. You can learn a lot about me when you go to my web page and my blog, which I have designed myself. The addresses are :

I am 76 years old and am functioning on all cylinders. I paint beautiful painting, write poetry one can understand and have started my second book and everything else that comes my way.
i have a husband for the last 54 years who still woos me. How lucky can one get?

What else can I say , but that would love to know a little more about you as well. We do live very far away from one another and therefore must experience many different things.
At 9:15pm on July 3, 2007, Meghan Wier said…
Hello Renate - thank you for commenting back to me - I agree, we just have to go and do - no matter if we are introverted or extroverted or somewhere inbetween. Good luck and I look forward to learning more about you! - Meghan Wier

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