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Book Discussion with Host Fran Lewis

Please join Fran Lewis on Feb 13 at 4PM EST 3PM CST for a great book discussion. Her guests will be Joshua Graham and Mark Rubinstein.

Listen live or on demand.

For more info…


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Little surprises!

When you’re as active on writer’s sites as I am you occasionally receive what I like to call a little gift from the creative spirit. Case in point, yesterday when I received notice that one of my posts on Kindle Direct Publishing forum was tweeted by them.




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The Paranormal Hour will discuss their recent investigation of Smackover, Arkansas

On this week's episode of The Paranormal Hour, host Willow Cross and co-host Tracee Ford will be joined by special guest and demonologist Michael Barbee, as well as Mark Hampton of Extreme Arkansas Paranormal.  The group will discuss their recent investigation of Smackover, Arkansas and the filming of the…


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Great Book Discussion with Fran Lewis

Please join Fran Lewis for a great book discussion on Feb. 6 at 4 PM EST 3 PM CST 2PM MT 1PM PST. Her first guest at 4 will be Charles Salzberg and then at 5 Carolyn Esparza. It's going to be a great discussion so listen in and have fun!


for more…


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Bearing the writing soul

In the nearly three years that my blog ALWAYS WRITING  has been active, I’ve seen my following grow and my hit counter exceed 250,000. I’ve tried to provide valuable writing and publishing advice based on my own trials,…


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Kick starter

Hello. My name is Neil Ostroff and I have started a project on Kickstarter that I am hoping will get fully funded. I am an author of twelve books (nine published) with a tenth coming out this spring. You’re welcome to learn all about me and my books by clicking the links on Kick starter.

   I am hoping to raise funds for a huge marketing and promotion campaign for my latest sci-fi series, THE END TIME. If you help fund this campaign I will publish…


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A thousand thank you’s

Wow! Another great review for DROP OUT.   I never expected the book to have such an impact. Thanks to all who have written to tell me how much the book has affected them.

* * *…


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My KDP story

Exactly three years ago today, I first discovered Kindle Direct Publishing while desperately searching for a new agent to represent my books. A few weeks prior, I parted ways with my then agent, a powerful New Yorker with dozens of big sales under his belt. Leaving the agency was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and the lowest point in my twenty years of continuous writing, but I immediately saw potential in KDP as a way to get my books out into the…


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Hershey Learns a Lesson by D. C. Rush

In this exciting new release by D. C. Rush the bully learns a lesson.

About the book: Hershey, the notorious cat from the Robby's Quest storybook series, is still mean-spirited and a bully. Hershey is big, strong and very fast, yet uses all his skills for the wrong reasons; to prey upon the smaller and weaker animals around his yard.

Nomi, the other cat living in the same house, is older and much smaller. Nomi has many friends around the…


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The Writing Mama Show with Guest Christy E. Bykowski, Children's Author

Come join host Virginia S Grenier on BTR’s Featured World of Ink Network Monday January 27th at 2pm Eastern - 1pm Central - 12noon Moutain - 11am Pacific…


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Book Discussion with Host Fran Lewis - thrillers, Story lines & More

Blog Talk Radio: Book Discussion With Host Fran Lewis - Thrillers, Story lines & More the Featured WorldOfInkNetwork | Books - Podcasts - …


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Interview with Roland Hughes

Tell us your latest news? 

I’m currently working on two more titles. “Lesedi” which is a dystopian fiction story taking place between “Infinite Exposure” and “John Smith: Last Known Survivor of the Microsoft Wars.” I began this book as part of the NaNoWriMo project for 2013. While it…


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Will people still read?

I watched a television special the other morning highlighting the electronics show in Las Vegas and what new products are being launched this year. Some of them were absolutely amazing, like glasses that project images right onto your eyeballs and gaming devices that the user controls with their own muscle movements instead of using their hands. These new devices led me to think about the future of my craft; writing.



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The Telephone That Talked by Declan Harney

Now for something different!

The Telephone That Talked is one of the stories in a book called The Shop That Sold Wishes and Magic by Declan Harney.

It is featured on the Tales4All website in its 'Storytime Corner'

You can listen here:…


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Write and get rich!

Yesterday, I watched a morning news segment highlighting a couple who were about to lose their house due to foreclosure and how publishing and selling their books on Amazon had saved them. The authors went on to explain that they write romance novels together and once they realized the popularity of the genre due to the success of Fifty Shades of Gray, wrote feverishly producing more than twenty novels in six months. Quite a feat, I might add.…


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The new informed writer

When I first started to think seriously about devoting my life to the pursuit of publication finding instruction was like walking through a desert. There was almost no information about how to go about getting published (this was prior to the internet). I remember buying my first issue of Writer’s Digest and literally digesting every page. I read the how-to articles over and over and marveled at the process of birthing a book into the world. When I realized…


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No longer indie

Tis the Christmas season and where I live everything is covered in about six inches of snow. It would be beautiful if I didn’t hate the cold so much. Alas, it just gives me an excuse to stay inside and keep writing. I’m about ninety percent finished with my latest novel. A sci-fi adventure that takes place fifty years after humanity has driven off an invading alien force. I’ve been working on it for eleven months to the day and I hope to have it finished and…


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The results of what may or may not work part #3

Okay, now that my latest promotions are nearing their ends I can safely post my opinions of each of them. As I said from the start, I was trying something new with these latest promotions. Instead of booking one-day sponsorships for large amounts of money on some very popular websites I figured I’d try more long-term placements for less money and see how they fare.

   First I’d like to say that I have had some success with sites like Bookgorilla and…


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The High’s

I’m beginning to reach a point in my writer’s life where it seems that every day a new little surprise happens. Sometimes it’s a sudden, unexpected boost in sales of my books. Sometimes it’s being asked to be interviewed by local media or writer’s blogs. Sometimes it’s communicating with a world famous author on a personal level (which happened recently). And sometimes it’s just discovering someone has placed a great review of your work. Here’s another five-star review.…


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