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Cynthia Varady has reviewed my latest novel, IN THE WEEDS, on her excellent website. Please stop in for a read (and buy a copy, if you’re feelin’ right special sporty).…


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IN THE WEEDS, Guest Blog

I am pleased to be a guest writer on Dueling Librarians, a blog devoted to matters literary. Please visit the site, take a look around, soak in the ambiance.…


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IN THE WEEDS, Civil Rights

Fifty-five years ago this month, Bull Connor directed the police department of Birmingham, Alabama to sic police dogs on peaceful protesters. He also ordered the fire department to spray protesters with high-pressure hoses. These tactics backfired on Connor – widespread news coverage of these outrages brought public condemnation down on Connor’s head, ensuring the passage of the Civil Rights Act only one year later.

My humorous novel IN THE WEEDS uses a cut-rate Bull Connor in the…


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Literary Review, IN THE WEEDS

I received a literary review from Martha A. Cheves (BookTown Review), who put a big smile on my face. 

"I sat on Bian's bed, staring out the only window in the tiny room.  She'd been looking west, toward the Everglades.  The fleeting patches of sun a couple days ago probably would have seemed familiar to her, perhaps like her memories of Vietnam.  Here, she'd known nothing but…


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IN THE WEEDS, excerpt

Read an excerpt from IN THE WEEDS, courtesy of the publisher’s e-zine, Book Glow ( And here are buy links to several book sellers:



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Book review of IN THE WEEDS, by author and blogger Michele Stegman

I first “met” Mark Ozeroff when I edited his first book, Days of Smoke, for Asylett Press. In the Weeds, is his second book and it is well worth the wait!

In the Weeds by Mark Ozeroff is a story of a Vietnam veteran working through his own brand of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the early 1970’s. Sometimes gallant and heroic, Slats Kisov often does more than just bend the rules and the law. But through it all, he retains his own morality, which includes helping the weak and…


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Five Must-Read Novels About PTSD

IN THE WEEDS has been out for a week now. To help whip up a tsunami of book sales, here is a listicle showcasing five novels which explore post-traumatic stress disorder through fiction. IN THE WEEDS is available in paperback or ebook, through the publisher or your favorite bookseller. 


Buy Link:…


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Book Release: IN THE WEEDS

IN THE WEEDS release day has finally arrived. Paperbacks are now available from three sources: Open Books (publisher), Amazon, and B&N – this should satisfy most folks. Ebooks are still getting the finishing touches – they should start popping up for sale on websites within several days (book release tends to occur in stages).

Open Books buy link:…


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Ten Books About the Vietnam War

The hard-copy proof of IN THE WEEDS is in the mail right now, heading toward me. I’ll have this final piece of the editing puzzle next week – pending publisher and my approval, WEEDS goes straight to print from there. To keep interest up until the literary tap opens, here's another listicle for y’all to contemplate: Ten Books About the Vietnam War.



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Interview with Mark Ozeroff, Author of IN THE WEEDS

The content edit of In the Weeds is nearly finished – publication date draws nigh. I was recently interviewed by Book Glow – here’s a link to that article (and a Buy link as well, ‘cause the search for readers is eternal).


Buy Link:…


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Weed Reads

In preparation for the mid-August release of IN THE WEEDS, I post another listicle, Weeds Reads: 10 Excellent Pot-Related Books. This one compares my novel to some of the top marijuana-related novels published since the ‘60s. I don’t know if this will help boost my book to readers, or land me on some kind of governmental watch list, but here you go:



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It's a Madhouse: A Writer's Guide to Character Development

I know – another promotional piece? At least this one was actually written by me. Neither prevarication nor obfuscation is to be found. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so fast to admit authorship, though – this article casts more’n a shadow of doubt on my sanity. Well, since any opportunity to conceal instability is long gone, you may as well read on.



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Here's a listicle (list of books similar to mine), featuring my soon-to-be-released novel IN THE WEEDS. Now this is a shameless piece of self-promotion, if ever I saw one. I like it, though, because it features aviation books I have loved all my life. In fact, just mentioning the title sent me to the library so I could hunt up a copy of THE SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS, in which I am currently engrossed. 

Buy Link: …


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IN THE WEEDS, Preparing for Release

In preparation for the planned August 10 release of IN THE WEEDS, here is a Listicle. There may be a few folks as clueless as I recently was, so I'll explain that a listicle is a short article comparing my book to others written from a similar standpoint (in this case, absurdism). I put myself in some high-falutin' company, here:


Buy Link: …


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Messerschmitts, Walter Mitty, and Me

From kindergarten through graduate school, I sat in a lot of classrooms. At least half that time was spent staring out the window, daydreaming. I’m not sure why it took me so long to realize that if I just wrote these daydreams down, I’d have a book. Those first attempts were pretty shaky, but eventually I tried writing from first person standpoint, and my novel DAYS OF SMOKE took off with a life of its own. I don’t know how else to describe using first person, other than to call it Walter… Continue

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October 19, 1937; southwestern Spain

Early on a Monday morning, following a good night’s sleep and a light breakfast, I walked out to my Messerschmitt Bf 109. She looked newly minted, the gray paint and St. Andrew’s crosses contrasting sharply with my personal emblem, Betty Boop. This was to be my first offensive patrol as a…


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