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Why this explosion of 1st person POV?


What is it with these younger writers today who feel they must do a novel in 1st person? Do they feel it makes a personal impact? Is it because the style is all the rage? Or is it sheer laziness of sticking with one character? I vote for the latter - actually a combination of copy-catting a style and laziness. After all, if you write like its your personal journal or diary why care about grammar? It's fast and easy to produce. Slap it together and put it up on Smashwords or Kindle…


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NEWS! Allon book 2 is now on KINDLE

 I'm excited to book a Kindle version of ALLON Book 2 - INSURRECTION out this past week.  Thanks to my hubby for all his hard work in converting the file.  I tried to convince my publisher about converting Allon Book 1, but no amount of persuasion from me or reader have produced an e-book. As such, decided to push ahead with the rest of the series and will be putting out both paperback and Kindle versions.


Look for MORE releases in the coming…


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Although knowing one's audience is separate from motivation, it can lead into motivation. For example, a writer knows a certain genre is a hot-seller, thus they are motivated to write and capitalize on the momentum. It might sound like a generalized statement, but it is played out in reality.

In non-fiction, no books grab more attention than celebrity or politician tell-alls. The marketing plan can include words like unauthorized biography or controversial. These buzz… Continue

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Memphis recap

After three grueling days on my feet, driving 8 hours round trip to Memphis, I finally can make an assessment of the Midsouth Homeschool Convention. To begin, the people at Great Homeschool Conventions are very well organized and professional. The convention ran smoothly, despite the bad weather outside. At the Cook Convention Center, the Marriott Hotel takes care of concessions and present their food just as they do at any top-notch buffet. All the servers wore vest and tie, silver covered…


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I'm now on TWITTER

I took the plunge to follow the blue bird of happiness - I mean Twitter - to say mindless things about my books, events, news, writing tips or even to let one of my characters say a word or two. Follow - if you dare - since I may follow back. :)

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Character Interviews

Ever wonder what is would be like to have one of your characters interviewed? I did. Hop over to my blog and see the amusing results.


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MidSouth HomeSchool Convention

March 3-5, 2011, I'll be at the MidSouth HomeSchool Convention in Memphis, TN at the Memphis Convention Center.  Stop by Allon Books booth to purchase signed copies of ALLON Book 1 & 2 and see a preview copy of ALLON Book 3 - HEIR APPARENT, due out April 2011. 

Receive free bookmarks and watch all 5 videos which new include book 3 AND book 4 - A QUESTION OF SOVEREIGNTY, to be released in…


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Need help to convince publisher about e-book

I tried several times to convince the publisher of the 1st book in my series to convert it to an e-book. I'm looking at converting the rest of my series for Kindle, but without Allon Book 1, the series won't be complete.


I've asked for help for anyone who would like to see a YA fantasy in Kindle to go to the Amazon page for Allon Book 1 and click on the 'e-book request' button. Perhaps they'll listen to others.



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Excerpts Now available on website!

Excerpts for all 3 of my YA fantasy books so far are now available on the website via the home page. This includes the entire 1st chapter of the upcoming book HEIR APPARENT!


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A Peak into the Life of an Author

The attempt to do a year long blog of chronicling my journey on becoming a published author has begun! I take it from The Story Idea through editing, dealing with the publishing industry to life after publication and marketing. Stop  by and take a Peak or coming along for the ride.

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Allon Book 3 - Heir Apparent

Coming Spring 2011 - Allon Book 2 - HEIR APPARENT

When a defeated enemy comes to Allon offering a royal marriage, strange things begin to happen. Is this really an act of peace or an act of revenge? Can the Guardians learn the truth in time to protect the royal…


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