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When you should/should not read or write reveiws.

primroses 001 When you should and when you should not read or write reviews.

The reviews system evolved during the 1970s and 80s when hordes of British tourists flocked to the south of Spain for cheap package holidays.  Some of the deals were too good to be true – and that was precisely the problem: they were not true.  Families turned up with savings that had taken them all year, cheap though…


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Part 12. Caravan trip through Eurpose. Albania to Greece.

road 1

Greece appeared suddenly.

Lord knows, the broken road over the Albanian mountains had gone on and on hour after hour, and taken (as is always the case) longer than expected.  The car was thick with stone dust, as indeed was the caravan, and I felt that all my teeth had been rattled out of my head with the never-ending jarring.   George didn't seem at all well.  At our last stop…


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Sounds - a short love story by author Catherine Broughton

faydu 001


The sound reached her over the babble of voices and the background drone of traffic.

Funny, isn't it?  The way certain sounds can bring back poignant memories ... in just a split second, something buried deep in one's mind, springs forth vividly, triggered by a sound ... The way, even years later, we can recognize somebody's voice?  Even though we haven't seen them, and…


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The English in France. Part 1.

2008 127 (800x691)   George was getting old.  Ten is quite an age for a Great Dane.   During our travels he slept in the back of the car on a sequence of foam mattresses with a sequence of blankets - all of which got flung out and replaced regularly because it was easier than washing them.  In Dubrovnik I bought him a blanket with bunnies on it.  I swear he was cross!…

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Hospital Conversation

I was in hospital with a broken leg after a skiing accident in Austria. These things happen. Ho hum.

Glancing around the ward at the listless bodies lying or sitting in various states of boredom, my eyes met those of another woman, aged something around seventy. She was in the bed opposite me, a big pink nightie rucked up to display swollen legs. She was horribly overweight, and she half-heartedly raised her hand in greeting to me. She smiled cheerily and despite her weight I could…


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The hunter - an item from rural France.

Pierre walked stiffy up and down a couple of times so that I could do this sketch.  He took it all incredibly seriously and had doubtless had a bath especially.  Certainly, he had had a good shave.

Shotgun in  hand, these hunters set off every Sunday morning once La Chasse has started in September, right through to when the chassing season (so to speak) ends in March.  Shotguns tucked under one arm, footwear varying from wellies to trainers, walking boots and good stout…


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Dawn walk in the Kruger National Park

Much to my consternation Bruce signed us up for a Dawn Walk one morning.  Dawn starts at around 5.00, and it is the best time of day to see the animals.  I loathe leaping out of bed early (or even getting slowly out of bed early) but found myself (with Bruce) climbing in to a Land Rover at 4.30 one morning.  The others in the group were young people – in their late twenties or early thirties.

I had a moment of concern about this age gap, but Bruce and I are both very fit, though a…


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Extract from a story on my web site

Sometimes I wonder if I unwittingly contributed to his death.

It is possible, even likely, that he died. I’ll never know, of course, but if I lived nearer I’d probably go to the factory and see what I could find out. There’s an element of guilt somewhere there. The memory of him comes back to me at those odd moments we all experience, when we suddenly feel very aware of ourselves and of our tininess in the universe. How fragile we are! How important we are to ourselves and how…


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Belize 2010 "Mercy May"

Mercy-May (Belize)


Not even three years old,

Dark eyes, no fear.

Hey, little thief, have a biscuit

And see what you can pinch

While you're here.


Little black orphan, HIV child,

I'll be sweet to you while I can.

But I can see in that small…


Added by Catherine Broughton on July 26, 2012 at 2:55am — 1 Comment

writers must be able to spell !

It is extraordinary how often people cannot spell, yet they want to be a writer.  I am quite frequently asked to glance through a typescript, and it is amazing how many spelling mistakes are made.  Punctuation mistakes are even worse.  Any others feel the same way ?

Catherine Broughton, author

Added by Catherine Broughton on July 9, 2012 at 6:47am — 1 Comment


Phew !  What a nightmare !   In their defence I will say that they specify perfectly clearly right at the start that their system is for publishers, professionals and experts on the internet - not for the likes of me.  I have managed to wade through it successfully, but it has taken weeks of hard work and the worse part of it all is the lack of cooperation from my so-called "Publishing consultant".  Be warned - this is not a publishing consultant, just an office girl, and if you are not…


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What price friends?

Isn't it amazing ?!   My books seem to be selling quite well, so it really doesn't matter, but I find it extraordinary that not one of my SEVEN brothers and sisters or EIGHTEEN cousins have bought a copy of any of my four books.  The very people who said "ooooh, how clever, we'll buy a copy!" - ie almost all my friends - don't do so.  

I was warned about this by another authors' forum.  All the things that you think your chums will help with - giving out book marks, posting good…


Added by Catherine Broughton on June 3, 2012 at 5:04pm — 1 Comment

new author: Catherine Broughton

Hello to fellow authors and fellow readers!  I have just joined.  I love books and collect old ones.  I have several GA Henty first editions and many far older.  I enjoy all sorts of books as long as they are well-written.  I have always wanted to be a writer and am coming in to the market rather late in life ......

I hope you enjoy my books, aimed mostly at women.  "A Call from France" is aimed at mothers; Francophile mothers would be a boost. It is a true story.

The other…


Added by Catherine Broughton on June 2, 2012 at 2:11am — No Comments

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