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George Michael Loughmueller's Blog – September 2012 Archive (5)

Don't Get Lost

That is important to me. It really is.
When you have a child, that is something you think about a lot. As a parent, we have to plan, prepare and teach our children everything we can to protect them. Sometimes, that is all we can do and sometimes that is not enough.
I have probably always known this, but becoming a father has reinforced it. There is one thing more, and it should be the first thing. Trust God.
I could put bars on the windows and my daughter…

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Read freely with Kobo

My publisher told me I was on Kobo now. I think one of my friends in high school played the "kobo" in marching band.

When I found out it was not a musical instrument, I discovered it was a Japanese eReader which is huge in Canada and 170 countries around the world.…


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Reading and Inspiration

Recently, I received an email asking me what I read and what influences me?
With a full time job in the wonderful world of retail sales and a beautiful daughter growing faster than a weed in the spring, I feel like I barely have time for anything else.
These days, I try to squeeze in a story from some of the very talented authors here at Trestle Press: Karen Vogel, Sarah Price, Crystal Linn & Roger Rheinheimer (sorry for not listing them all – there’s too many).…

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Gothic Cathedrals and the Art of Melodrama by Mark Carver

As the seeds for The Age of Apollyon were taking root in my imagination, I read Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. In addition to being a fantastic story, that book opened my eyes to the breathtaking marvels of Gothic architecture. I’d always been a casual fan of cathedrals (who isn’t?) but after finishing Hugo’s masterpiece, I was determined to incorporate the Gothic church and all of its accompanying melodramatics into my own writing.…

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A Triangle of Blessings: Amish, Writing, and Readers

A guest post from Sarah Price

I was first introduced to the Amish when I was only eight years old. It was my grandparents who took me to Lancaster County, PA. I sat between them on the front seat of their Cadillac, bouncing up and down with excitement as we passed each horse and buggy. 

My grandparents came from a long line of strict Old…

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