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Award-Winning Poetry Partners Release Feminist Chapbook

“Vivid images… distil the lives of the women who wrote them. They speak to all the stages of life—even celebrate ageing--and our roles as women. These are poems [that] will stay with you forever.” ~ Nancy Famolari

Poets living half a world apart naturally understand the value of e-books, the best way for people living anywhere in the world to access a work.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson is a Californian while Magdalena Ball lives down under. Together they have published…


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Lillian Cauldwell and Carolyn Howard-Johnson Offer Fiction Writers Radio Opportunity

I thought my Book Marketer friends--especially the fiction writers among you--would be interested in this opportunity.


For Immediate Release

Contact: Carolyn Howard-Johnson


October 31, 2009

Lillian Cauldwell and Carolyn Howard-Johnson Partner To Offer Fiction Reading Opportunity

Lillian Cauldwell and Carolyn Howard-Johnson invite authors to participate in a frugal and… Continue

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Plan Ahead for Free Online Writers Conference in Feb-March


CONTACT: Karina Fabian Phone: (805) 285-0108,

Ann Margaret Lewis Phone: (317) 755-2693

For Immediate Release

Carolyn Howard-Johnson Conducts Seminars at Free Online Conference

World Wide Web--Writers, editors, agents, and other publishing professionals from around the world are gearing up for the third annual Catholic Writers’… Continue

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MaAnna Stephenson Interviews The Frugal Book Promoter for Free Podcast

MaAnna Stephenson will interview author advocate Carolyn Howard-Johnson on her series of Just the FAQs podcasts on Thursday, August 14. The interview will be available at and on iTunes sometime after that.

Stephenson is an author in her own right. Two decades of technical writing, web design and marketing… Continue

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Two-Fer! Free Online Conference and Sample Media Release

Usually I adjust media releases for blogs so that they look more like articles or personal letters and that's really what they were intended for. Many bloggers and newsletter and Web editors just print them as-is--either because they don't know they can--even should--change them or because it is more work to do so. The other thing about media releases is that people often forget they can slant (should!) them toward current events. Thus, this is a two-for-one blog post for InkedIn-ers. (-: Hope… Continue

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New Launch Concept!


CONTACT: Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Phone: (818) 790-0502


For Immediate Release

Noted Retailer and Author Launches Book at National Stationery Show

Los Angeles—Carolyn Howard-Johnson will be debuting her newest book at the National Stationery Show in New York in May in what may be the largest book launch ever and possibly the first at a gift industry… Continue

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Reach Readers in Nevada and California without Being There!

Get Exposure for Your Book Without Being There!

Let your book be seen in a catalog distributed to readers at the Clark County Fair & Rodeo, April 9-12, 2009. The opportunity includes display of your book for four days to an estimated 84,000 fair-goers. If you have more than 1 book, that’s OK! The cost of advertising is one, low, flat fee!

What you get:

~Your book(s) on display for 4 days at the Clark County Fair & Rodeo, April 9-12,… Continue

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Collaborating Poets from Two Hemispheres Set to Make Your Mother Happy

Remembering Mothers a New Way

Award-winning Poets From Two Hemispheres Co-Author Chapbook

She Wore Emerald Then: Reflections on Motherhood was conceived by Californian Carolyn Howard-Johnson and Aussie Magdalena Ball as an alternative to the cloying greeting cards usually available for mothers in card shops. In fact, originally it was to be a thoughtful digital substitute for a card. That decision was probably influenced by the pair’s awareness… Continue

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Learn and Play on Historical St. Simon's Island

I thought many of you would like to know about this new writers conference at a fabulous resort on an island off Georgia--one loaded with history. I'll be speaking at the one in Novemeber but I thought some of you might want to consider one of the earlier ones as well! (See below.) In any case, these are spearheaded by dynamic women who deserve our community's support. My writing friend from Utah, Janet Kay Jensen, will probably be going and I hope to meet many others there.

REGISTER… Continue

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135,000 Readers, Producers, Directors Worth Traveling For!

Come Join Us as a Participating Author at the LA Times Festival of Books

Booth planner Chistine Alexanians invites you to participate in our next LA Times/UCLA Festival of Books booth--the last weekend of April 2009--and/or any of the value-added programs aligned with the fair. The book-signing portion of… Continue

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Carolyn Wants to Talk to You About How To Turn Dreadful Adverbs into Nuggets of Gold

I will conduct seminar for the 2nd year at the Catholic Writers’ Conference Online Friday, Feb 6 at 10 am Pacific Time. “Turning Dreadful Adverbs into Nuggets of Gold.”

The conference, sponsored by the Catholic Writers Guild and conducted entirely through the Internet, is free of charge and open to writers of all levels and all religions. It will feature online chats, and forums and pitch sessions throughout the week on a variety of topics covering writing both fiction and… Continue

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Opportunties for Writers to Get Book Titles Mentioned on Permanent Podcasts

Yvonne and I specially wanted our Book Marketing Network friends to know about this...

Carolyn Howard-Johnson ( and Yvonne Perry ( will be facilitating a one-time class to air on Tuesday, January 13, 2009. "Conversation with Editors" will cover some of the common mistakes writers make and how to correct them. We will also provide helpful tips for impressing a publisher with… Continue

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Sought-After Guest Soars on Authors Access Radio with Frugal Message

Frugal Message Hits Top Spot for AuthorsAccess Listeners

Cohosts of Authors Access radio, Victor R. Volkman and Irene Watson, announced multi award-winning author Carolyn Howard-Johnson was the #1 most popular guest on podcasts for the year 2008.

Volkman says, "With more than 1,000 listeners this year, Carolyn again proved the lasting power of her Frugal Book Promotion message. Not only is her message popular, but it's way out in front of all the… Continue

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Participate, Help Host and Guest, Help Yourself: That's How It Works! (-:

So, I hope you'll join Marla and me at Inspirations Station. Here's the infor from my Sharing with Writers newsletter.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson will be interviewed on InspirationStation live on Thursday, Dec. 11, 3:30 pm (Pacific Time, 6:30 Eastern) at Hosted by Marla, Takiela and Sydney, it includes interviews of Leaders, Writers, Authors, and Speakers who are inspiration, positively impacting society. Sharing with Writers subscribers are… Continue

Added by Carolyn Howard-Johnson on November 18, 2008 at 3:09pm — 2 Comments

Bad Unemployment Figures? Career Change in Order or Improve the Old One!

I'm letting you know about this event a bit early because of the recent sorry news about the unemployment rate. Many will be casting about for new careers, in retirement and othewise. Of course, it will also be of interest to writers who want to expand their careers and to those boomers I mention in the headline. Feel free to edit, shorten, adapt to your needs. As always. (-:


For Immediate Release

November 06,… Continue

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Early Bird Signing Opportunity for LA Times/UCLA Festival of Books

Join mw now as a signing author at the Authors' Coalition booth at the LA Times Festival of Books on the beautiful UCLA campus and get a substantial discount. It is the last weekend of April 2009. The book-signing portion of the fair requires that you attend but other value-added promotions do not. You'll hear more about those later.

Authors' Coalition will again be sponsoring a booth at the LA Times/UCLA Festival of Books on April 2009. We focus on making a humdrum fair into a… Continue

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Authors' Advocate's Blogs Take 2nd Award in a Month


Contact: Carolyn Howard-Johnson


Fax: 818-790-4299

Phone: 818-790-0502

For Immediate Release

Editor and Author's Blogs Honored 2nd Time in a Month

The Frugal, Smart and Tuned-In Editor blog ( was named Blog of the Day Award at Blog of the Day Awards blog,

The winning… Continue

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Summer Poetry Reading at the Palisades

As you may know, I rarely read my poetry. It's certainly not from lack of love of the genre. But two very special poets have asked me to read at an exceptionally supportive bookstore in Pacific Palisades in a couple of weeks (info below). I hope you'll join us and support our efforts. I'll read a couple of poems from Tracings, a couple from my coming chapbook She Wore Emerald Then co-authored with Magdalena Ball. Maybe a couple brand new ones, too. Please mark your calendars.

Carolyn… Continue

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Writer's Digest Names Sharing with Writers.blogspot to 101 Best of 2008


Cincinnati: Brian A. Klems, online managing editor at Writer's Digest, named

award-winning author Carolyn Howard-Johnson's blog, Sharing with Writers


) to his magazine's 101 Best

Websites in 2008.

Klems cites that the blog is full of "cheap ways to promote your book" but

also mentions her Sharing with Writers newsletter as a source for writers.

See the June, 2008,… Continue

Added by Carolyn Howard-Johnson on July 18, 2008 at 9:43pm — 2 Comments

Authors' Coalition Looking for LA Times Festival of Books Participants

Authors' Coalition ( is looking for 2009 participants for the presitious LA Times Festival of Books. Christine Alexanians ( is handline the booth and I'm directing promotion. She's love to hear from you. There's a steep discount for early signers.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Author of the award-winning HowToDoItFrugally series of books for writers

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